Home Ec 101

I took Home Ec in high school.  I honestly don’t know if schools still offer that class, or if it’s called that anymore.  I was also part of FHA (Future Homemakers of America).  Don’t know if that organization is still around either.  I’m sure some politically correct/women lib organization came in and gave it a more PC name or abolished it altogether…I hope I’m wrong though!

I remember two things from Home Ec.  For the cooking part, we made pizza (from scratch) and cookies (from scratch)…two things that I don’t do today :).  The other I remember was sewing.  I made an apron (which I still have AND use today!).  That should impress you, because that was back in 1994-ish.  The apron has survived my high school & college career, a marriage, many jobs, four moves, two kids and two states.  

I kind of remember sewing the thing too…well, I remember using the seam ripper a lot!  I think it was the straps that gave me fits.  Sewing them together, wrong sides facing each other and then trying to turn it right side out…nightmare!

About one month ago, my lovely sister-in-law asked me to make an apron for her niece’s birthday (if her mom is reading this…spoiler alert!).  I immediately started perusing Pinterest for a tutorial.  I had no idea little girls aprons are so popular!  I definitely had many choices, from very basic to intricate.  I looked for an apron that was cute, girlie & came with a good tutorial.  I found this one (you’ll have to scroll down to find the tutorial).

Once I clicked on it, I immediately recognized this blog.  I had used one of her tutorials earlier, to make my kiddos pouf pillows (see article “Pouf, There It Is…my apologies for the cheesy title!).  I remember really liking her tutorial.  It was well written, had great pics and were just easy to follow along.  


 The birthday girl is a big fan of Hello Kitty and Walmart had this really cute print.  I found a coordinating pink fabric to use for the back, straps and pockets.  

The tutorial has a downloadable pattern (which I really love).  You can also make pot holders and a hand mitt with this, but I just needed the apron, for now.  The directions call for elastic thread (you’ll use this on the pockets).  I was a little nervous about this part.  I had never used it and you have to hand wind it on the bobbin.  If you’ve never used it, let me put you at ease…it was super user friendly!  The results really make the apron!!

This would be a great apron for any little girl!  The pattern will fit sizes 2-6, so it’s very versatile…great for lots of ages.  It’s also very inexpensive to make.  You only need 1/2 yard of each fabric!  I do have a little bit left over, which I’ll be using to make yet another Pinterest project later on (hopefully later this weekend!).  

On a completely different note, I found this pic on Pinterest and immediately thought of my hubby.  I texted it to him & he said “I feel his pain”.


There you go!  Happy Thursday 🙂