How To Make Your Own…Storage Bags!

Well, Christmas is over.  The major holidays are behind us, and if you’re like me, you’re assessing the damage.  What is it with toys that have multiple tiny pieces???  It’s a parent’s nightmare.  That, and toys that have blinking lights, noisy noises and battery drainers.

My daughter got the cutest Disney Princess Little People’s Castle from my parents for Christmas.  She loves that thing…I mean LOVES it.  It gets played with almost everyday.  Considering that she got it around Thanksgiving time, that’s pretty impressive.  Name one toy that your toddler has played with every day for almost two months!


The castle came with two princesses.  Sophie also got 7 other princesses that go with the castle.  My fear is that we’ll start losing princesses…one by one.  So, when I found this pin on Pinterest, I knew I HAD to make it…it was perfect to keep all of our princesses together!!

I have never sewn with vinyl.  Never worked with it.  I was scared.  But, I soldiered on and faced my fears.  You know what?  Not too bad…a little tricky at moments, but I made it through!!


The fabric I used to make the storage bag was left over from the pouf pillow I made Sophie for Christmas.  I found the vinyl in the remnant bin at Wal-Mart…$2.40 for 3/4 yard (you should see how much I have left!!!).  


This project took me about 1 1/2 hours (hard to gauge, because I stopped in the middle of the project).  I looked and looked for the drawstring clip that the tutorial calls for, but neither Wal-Mart or Michael’s had it.  So, I went with leftover ribbon I had from another project and just threaded it through the top and tied it in a bow.

I think this maybe cost me about $0.50 to make…seriously.  I used a fraction of the vinyl and used fabric scraps.  Now that I have one under my belt, I have big plans for these storage bags!  We are currently working on organizing/cleaning our nursery at the church building.  There are lots of blocks and other little pieces of toys that are just calling out for storage bags 🙂


Sophie loves her little bag.  While she was playing with it, I realized how easy it would be for her to grab it & take it with her to the babysitters or on a car trip.  Yay!!  

I hope you enjoyed this project!  Have a wonderful Saturday 🙂


Wreck It Ralph

So…big weekend at my house.  Hubby was excited because today marked the first day of black powder, muzzle loader deer season.  Kids were excited because Wreck It Ralph came out.  Mom was excited because…well…everyone was excited!


We went to see Wreck It Ralph today.  Now, I am generally a non-3D, matinee movie goer.  I don’t really like to pay extra to watch a movie at night.  I also don’t like to pay extra to watch a movie with dumb looking glasses on my face…especially because you have no idea who wore them at the last movie.

So, we went to see the 4 o’clock movie.  Warning:  If you go to see a kids movie that has only been out for one day, don’t try to show up 5 minutes before the movie starts and expect to get tickets.  Learned that one the hard way.

With 2 VERY disappointed kiddos in the backseat of the car, we had to make a decision…wait until at least a couple of weeks for now to see the movie & hope that it’s still out, or suck it up, pay full price AND the 3D price…


I’m a sucker for making my kids happy…so we went full price on everything.  However, the hubby had made plans for later in the evening with a friend, so it was just me and the kiddos that went.  It did help on the price a little bit, but we still paid $4 more for 3 people than we would have with all 4 of us going earlier & non-3D.  *sigh*

Ok…now for the movie.  It was cute.  I like the tribute it gave to the old school arcade games.  If I was a gamer, I’m sure I would have appreciated some of the other references, but alas, we just got a Wii last year for Christmas…just in time for them to be not so cool anymore, replaced by more high tech versions.

My son loved the movie…he talked about it all the way home.  Some highlights were the longer than needed joke about “duty” play on words…if you see the movie you’ll understand.  Also, he liked the larger than life bugs.  My daughter liked the fact that there was a princess in the very end (don’t worry…not a spoiler alert).

I think my favorite part was the Pixar short, “Paper Man” at the beginning.  I love those!!  The last one I saw when we went to see Brave was also very good.  All in all, if you’re on the fence about seeing it, it’s cute, but not as good (I thought) as Brave was.  Of course, in my mind, that one was hard to beat.  But, if you enjoy video games and old school graphics, this might be your flick 🙂

Of course, the whole point of a movie is to escape for a little bit (no political ads in the theater…can I get an Amen?!) and spend time with family.  This movie provided both, and in true Disney fashion, was well done.  So, if you need to get away for 1 hour and 41 minutes, check out Wreck It Ralph…and maybe go visit the arcade afterwards 🙂