Attack Of The Killer Stink Bug

I was attacked today…this morning to be exact.  I was minding my own business, not getting in anyone’s way and then completely out of the blue, I was hit, by a very bold and aggressive…stink bug!

We have an infestation of stink bugs right now.  Yesterday, we had 5 in our bathroom!!!  I’ve heard they like water & we always notice them after we’ve had a lot of rain. 

I hate them.  Most of the time they mind their own business…the crawl around the ceilings and stick close to sink drains (and then I can drown them!).  However, have you heard them fly??  They sound like an airplane coming in for a landing!  It’s really quite terrifying.

So, there I was, getting out of the shower and the stinky stink bug bombs me from above…smacks me right around the neck.  I, of course, flipped out.  I was jumping up and down, waving my arms all over the place…completely freaked out.  Luckily, I didn’t scream…I had sleeping kiddos and didn’t want to wake them up.  Internally though, I was screaming my lungs out 🙂

Unfortunately, the bug lives.  After he viciously attacked me, he flew up into the corner of the bathroom, probably chuckling at his handy work.  Boy, did I keep my eye on him…I wasn’t about to let him get me again.  I wanted to know where he was at all times!!!

That got me to thinking…as Christians, we get attacked everyday, by Satan.  Sometimes, it comes from out of the blue, like my attack.  Afterwards, we keep a cautious eye out…keeping our distance, but determined to not let that happen again.  Sometimes, the attack happens while we are keeping a watchful eye.  Satan works and works at us, wearing us down until we put down our guard.

He’s sneaky alright…and stinky!  I don’t believe we give Satan enough credit.  He is a quick study of human nature.  A couple of years ago, our Ladies Bible Class studied The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. If you haven’t read it before, you should.  While reading, I kept getting goosebumps.  Although it was written in 1942, a lot of it still rings true today.

The book is a series of letters written between a “demon” named Screwtape to his nephew, Wormwood.  Screwtape is mentoring young Wormwood in the ways of manipulating his “patient”.  While the book takes some getting used to…the demons refer to God as “the enemy”, it’s amazing to see  how we, as humans, can let the small, insignificant day to day things get in the way of our relationship with God.

“Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  I Peter 5:8.

Yikes!!  Prowling…devouring…those are scary words.  They could be used to describe a horror film!  But, they’re describing instead a very real enemy that we have.  How do we combat him??  Read that verse from the beginning…be ALERT!  If we get comfortable and let our guard down, that’s when he strikes. 

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think on such things.”  Philippians 4:8.

Dwell on those things.  Keep your guard up.  Don’t let them down.  That is the best way to fight our enemy.