There’s An App For…Almost Everything!

My hubby and I joined the 21st century and got iPhones last fall.  We tried Android for a while with a different carrier.  Between poor coverage in our area and cheap-o phones…we were not impressed.

My brother has been promoting iPhones to us for about 1 year2 years…well, forever.  When he went to school, one of their recruiting tools was every student got an iPhone (of course, you paid for it!).  I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight & he was hooked ever since.  He even started designing apps for it.  He mainly designs them for churches, but in one of my earlier blogs (see i Miss Mommy!!  July, 22, 2012), I featured one of his newest, non-church app.

I’m amazed at some of the apps people come up with.  Some are funny, some are silly, some are a waste of the space on my phone, and some are pure genius.  Introducing my newest, favorite app:

Now, for some of you who are saying to yourself, “hey, this blog is supposed to be about things found on Pinterest”…well, I found this pinned on one of my friend’s boards & I repinned it…so, technically it’s still a blog about Pinterest 🙂

This app just came out & as of yesterday it was FREE!!!  If you have young kids or school age kids…you MUST GET THIS APP!  Sorry Android users…you will have to wait until September to download it.

Basically, it lets you take pictures of your kid’s artwork and then stores it in their Cloud.  There is a feature where you can “Share” your ArtKive with anyone you’ve added to your list.  It will send them the pictures via e-mail.

But wait…there’s more!!!  When you get a collection of pictures together, you can then order them in a BOOK!!!!!  That’s right!!!!!!!!  Can I get a few more exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the book feature is not up and running yet (insert disappointed look here).  This was the feature I was most excited about.  After spending about 20 minutes searching all over the app, I e-mailed the developer.  To my surprise, they responded very promptly.  They wanted to release the app in time for back-to-school & will add the book feature in 60-90 days (mark your calendars!).

I still had Brayden’s 1st grade pictures handing up in our kitchen, so I immediately took them down and added them to his ArtKive.  A nice feature is you can have multiple children in your account and you can arrange them by grades.  I already have his 2nd grade folder ready…now I just need some artwork.

I really hope this app comes through on the book side.  I have no idea how much the books will cost, but to parents who want the memories without the clutter, it’s priceless!  I have visions of books lined up on my shelf & when Brayden’s in college or married, I’ll be able to pull one out and take a trip down memory lane…


One of his MANY art pieces from last year.

ImageJust had to share this one!!!  Makes a mommy’s heart happy 🙂