Towels In The Hood

Yes, I’m sure my hubby’s rolling his eyes at the title…what can I say?  I had a hard time coming up with anything else…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve been busy with Christmas sewing projects.  Also, throw in a cake or two, and I’ve been a busy lady.

I didn’t post any of my sewing/Christmas gift projects until now because, well, I wanted them to be a surprise.  All in all, I have to say I was very pleased on how they turned out.  The first one I want to share with you are the hooded towels I made for my nephew & kiddos.

I discovered these on Pinterest, of course.  I’m not sure which I found first…the blogger or the post on Pinterest.  Either way, I’m glad I did.  The hooded towel tutorials are a product of Crazy Little Projects.  I highly recommend subscribing to her blog.  She comes up with adorable projects and also offers sewing tutorials.  All of the tutorials I’ve used of hers (and I’ve used a lot!) are well explained and come with lots of pictures.

For a year, she did one hooded towel tutorial per month.  You can see the ones for 2013 here.  For my nephew and son, I made an Angry Bird towel.  I hadn’t planned on making any for my kids, but once my son saw the towel I made for my nephew, he immediately wanted one 🙂


Of course, I couldn’t make one for my son without making one for the princess.  So, naturally, I made her this one…


She has declared her favorite color to be purple, which works for her (since it’s the color of royalty!).  She wasn’t cooperating very well in the photo, but it’s super cute on!!

The basic principle of the hooded towel is simple & the tutorial explains it very well.  Basically, the only thing you change is the “face” of the hood.  There are many more varieties of towel other than the ones made in 2013, so check them out!  I had made a monkey hooded towel earlier last year as well.  

The towels are a pretty economical gift (my nice way of saying cheap!!).  It really depends on what kind of towel you buy.  For the Angry Birds towel, it called for 1 large red towel, 1 red hand towel, and 1 yellow hand towel.  To make the 2 towels for my son and nephew, I used 2 large towels, and 1 hand towel of each color…so, I was able to get 2 towels out of the hand towels I bought.  I was even able to cut the crown for my daughter’s towel out of the yellow hand towel as well.  A little towel goes a long way 🙂 

It took me about 1 hour per towel.  I had to go slow on parts of it, because of the type of sewing machine I have.  Mine is about 60 years old, and I have to hold a lever while I zig zag sew…and there’s quite a bit of zig zagging to be done on the towels!  

I know that Christmas is over, but wouldn’t these towels make adorable Valentine’s Day gifts for your little ones?!  They’re also perfect for birthdays and baby shower gifts!!  And, with all the colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!


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