Sour Santa *Update*


So, my brother informed me that you can indeed vote from your smart phone.  To do so, just open the website in your browser.  At the bottom, it will say “Mobile Site” or “Full Site”.  If “Full Site” is underlined, hold your finger down on it and this will pop up:



Then, you can choose to open in background or in a new page.  Tada!  Your 5 vote limit suddenly goes to 10.  You can also download Opera and Google Chrome browser apps and vote another 5 times each.

Voting ends at 5 p.m. (not sure which time zone) on Monday.  So, get out and rock the vote!!


I am going to unapologetically use my blog in a shameless plug for my cutie pie niece and nephew.  My brother recently enter their pic in a “Sour Santa” photo contest.  I’m sure you’ve seen these pics before…mom and dad drag an unrelenting child or two to sit on Santa’s lap.  The result?  Screams, tears, wailing, gnashing of teeth…and a funny pic that you can whip out when your kid brings home a new boyfriend or girlfriend.


Yep…that’s my sweet niece & nephew.  They have made it to round #2 in the “Sour Santa” photo contest in the Amarillo Globe.  What I’m asking for is for you to visit the newspapers website found here & vote (up to 5 times on each computer) for this pic :).   I don’t believe you can vote on your smart phone (has something to do with cookies…or maybe milk…who knows with Santa!).  So, do it the old fashioned way…break out the computer and vote!!  As of the start of round 2, they were in first place, I believe.  I’m not sure when round 2 ends, so vote now 🙂

A friend of mine found that they were mentioned in this blog article.  Amazing!!  The author is from NYC.  The pic was in a west Texas paper.  I love how social media can bring us all together!! 🙂

So, will you help make my brother & sister-in-law’s Christmas wish come true???  Please take a few minutes to vote so when my nephew brings that special girl home in about 15 years, my brother can whip out a newspaper and say “Have I shown you this pic…???”

Merry Christmas!!!


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