Bible App Review

Happy Thanksgiving (one day late)!!!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful day together.  Our family stayed in, ate pecan pie & my hubby and son built all sorts of really cool things with K’Nex.  It was a good day 🙂

I wanted to share a review of a new app that came out yesterday.  As far as I know, it’s only available for the iPhone, but don’t quote me on that.  I do know that it’s not available for my Kindle Fire, but I’m hoping the developers will eventually get it on there!!

That app is called “Bible For Kids” and you can check it out here.  The same developers who brought us “The Bible” (found here) have created an interactive, easy to use Bible app for kids.


Right now, there are 6 stories available:  In The Beginning, The First Sin, The First Christmas Gift, Through The Roof, It Is Finished, and A Happy Sunday.  The app says there will be more stories coming soon.


First of all, I love the illustrations/animations.  They are adorable!!  The picture above is taken from “In The Beginning”.  As soon as I started it up, my daughter loved it!!  I had to practically wrestle the phone away from her (not really!).  Once I got the phone away from her, my son took over it (which is why I can’t wait for it to become available for the Kindle Fire!)  This app is great for younger and older kids.  My daughter, who’s 4, likes the pictures and animation.  The story is read aloud to her, while she looks at the pictures.  My son, who’s 8, gets challenged along the way.  Every so often, a thought bubble appears on the screen.  When you tap on that, a question appears…


They’re simple questions, but I love that it’s checking to make sure the kids are paying attention!!  Also, throughout the story, a little diamond will appear.  When you tap on that, you collect pieces of the Armor of God…


It looks like you can collect the same pieces several times.  We haven’t found out what happens when you collect all of a certain piece, but I’m sure something will happen!  There’s also “awards” for doing certain things, like reading 7 different stories or correctly answering 50 trivia questions.  It also keeps track of which stories you’ve read and how many times you’ve read them.

Since we’ve only had the app a couple of days, we’re still learning about it.  I am impressed with the app overall.  We read the story of the first sin & I wondered how they were going to handle telling that story to children, but it was really well written.  I also liked how they told the story about when the angel appeared to Mary, announcing that she was going to have a baby.  How do you explain the virgin birth to a 4 year old??  They handled it nicely by having Mary say “How can I have a baby?  I’m not married!”.  Well done!

Of course, I also like the fact that the app is free.  Can’t go wrong there.  It is a large file and I imagine it will only grow as you download the stories, so be prepared for it to use up some space on your phone or iPad.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!  Take some time today and read the Bible with your kiddos!


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