How To Be Happy Happy Happy

If you’ve read any of my posts, you will quickly find that I’m a big fan of Duck Dynasty.  My whole family loves the show.  My 4 year old daughter calls anyone with long hair and a beard “that Duck Dynasty Guy!”.

It’s a show that is sweeping the nation.  You can’t go anywhere without seeing their products.  I was at a mall a few weeks ago & about the first 3 or so shops I went into had some kind of Duck Dynasty merchandise.  Even Michael’s (where I teach Wilton Cake decorating classes) has a little end cap by the checkout with their stuff.  It seems everyone has Duck Fever.

I do come across people here and there who don’t care for the show.  It’s not that they don’t appreciate their family values or the message their show sends…it’s just not their thing.  I can respect that.  I’m sure there are some shows that they like that I’m not a fan of.

I want to share a video that three of the “Duckmen” have recently released.  It’s by an organization called “I Am Second”.  I had never heard of it until now, so I did a little research.  

The organization has actually been around for a while.  It was started by a man in Dallas, Texas who wanted to “lift up Christ so that He might draw the people of his city to Jesus.”  What they do is basically provide a place for people to share their stories and show how they have found purpose in their lives through Jesus.  To learn more, you can visit their website at

I just want to provide the link to the Robertson’s I Am Second video.  It’s about 30 minutes long and it shares Phil & Kay Robertson’s story, their son Jep’s story and their grandson Reed’s story.  Please take 30 minutes out of your life to hear how their lives changed when they decided to start living the way God wants us to live.  Phil so eloquently summed it up by saying “Love God and love your neighbors”.


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