I Have A Lot To Say

It happened.  Christmas came early for my hubby.  I lost my voice.  It started yesterday.  I could kind of talk, but couldn’t sing during worship service.  I taught my cake decorating class, but it was strained.  As the evening wore on, it slowly faded until by bedtime, I had nothing left.  Not even a squeak.  

It got so bad that I had to text my husband, who was sitting in the recliner next to me.  Of course, he is enjoying this…a little too much if you ask me!  Just wait until I get my voice back…I’ll have 2 or 3 days worth of talking to catch up on :).

Today, it’s not really any better.  I communicate with whispers and over the top facial expressions and body language.  It’s been challenging, especially with a 4 year old who doesn’t really understand why my voice has gone away.

I have noticed something interesting today.  While I was grocery shopping, the employees at the store would tell me hello.  I would whisper “I lost my voice” and point at my throat, so they wouldn’t think I was being rude.  On every occasion, they would say “Oh! I’m sorry” or something similar, but it would always be in a whisper.  Every time I said something to my daughter, she would whisper her response.  A cashier at the grocery store said that when he’s on the phone and has to whisper, the person on the other end automatically whispers, even if they’re not in a place where they have to.

I updated my status on Facebook and said how funny I thought it was that Sophie will whisper to me in response when I say something.  One person commented and said it’s proof that our children live by example.

So, that got me to thinking…something you have plenty of time to do when you’re not running your mouth.  Our kids learn by our examples.  Some of that is good.  Some is bad.  How do they learn this though?  They’re around us.  They live with us and observe us on a daily basis.  My daughter will say or do something & I’ll think “where did she pick that up?”  Then, I’ll quickly realize it’s something I’ve done around her.  

Now, hang with me here.  We’re the children of God.  So, doesn’t that mean we should learn by His example?  If so, then we all should be portraying His attributes and His characteristics.  We should say and do things so that the people around us would say “Hey!  That sounds like something God would say!”  

Does that happen?  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes, no.  Why?  Well, I can tell when my kids have been around their friends because they’ll say or do things that I’m not familiar with. It’s usually something that they’ve picked up from their friends, like a new game that they’re playing.  It could be a word that our family doesn’t use.  It’s not normal sounding…it’s out of place.

When we surround ourselves with the world, we pick up things that are out of place.  We say things we might not normally say.  Things that we know God would never say or do.  

The problem is that we look and act like the world a whole lot more than we look and act like God.  It seems at times we have things backwards.  How do we remedy this?  We surround ourselves with God.  Two scriptures come to mind.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.”  Romans 12:2

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”  Philippians 4:8.

If we stick to these two verses, and surround ourselves with the good things and not conform to the worldly things, we’re going to mirror God and in turn, will know what His will is in our lives.



2 thoughts on “I Have A Lot To Say

  1. I hope you get to feeling better and I can’t wait for you to catch Michael up on your thoughts. 🙂

    I agree with you. Children are going to model what they see the adults or people around them do. In this case, it’s cute, but it makes me worry about the future and other people who will also make an impact on our kiddos or even us.

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