Finally!! A Sewing Project!!

It has been a very busy few weeks.  It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted a blog on here.  Today, we had our last fall baseball game.  Unfortunately, our team didn’t end on a win, but they held their own against a very talented team.  I was proud of them all :).  

My hubby is off to a great hunting season.  On opening day, he made a difficult shot with his bow and snagged a doe!!  I was soooo excited for him.  So were the kiddos :).  I must say, she is very tasty…

Tonight I dusted my trusty sewing machine off & used it for the first time in a looonnnnggg time.  Boy, did it feel good!  Last year, I had made my hubby a tree stand skirt and several pouches for him to attach to his tree stand…all out of Real Tree camo.  I had a lot left because I wasn’t really sure how much I would need for all of my projects.  Tonight, my hubby told me that he needed something that he could drop his phone into and that would attach to his tree stand.  Just yesterday, I had found this tutorial…amazing!

I had to do make some adjustments for the size of our phones.  We have upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5C (a huge upgrade) and the size is much different.  Also, my hubby didn’t want it to fit too snugly…he wants to be able to just drop his phone in with one hand.  I had to take into account that we have phone cases on our phones and part of it is made out of a rubbery material.  

So, I cut 2 pieces of material (one was my camo print, the other was just a plain black piece for the lining) 11 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide.  I made one earlier that was a little narrower than that.  It worked, but the phone fit very snugly into it, so it won’t work for my hubby’s scenario.  

I also got rid of the strap with the key ring.  What he wanted was strips of velcro that would wrap around the tree stand bar.  I didn’t really measure those.  We just eye-balled what we thought would work.  I also eliminated the batting because the phone doesn’t need that much protection (plus I just didn’t have it) while in the tree stand.  

Once I figured out the size of the pieces I needed, it took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.  Since I was using scrap fabric, it really didn’t cost me anything.  Here are the results:


Without the phone


A bit fuzzy…


Tada!!!  (Not too happy about that right side…not sure what happened.  He said he’s not worried about it though).

My hubby was very excited about his new phone holder.  He said he can’t wait to try it out.  In Virginia, you are not allowed to hunt on Sundays (not that he would have a chance to anyways), so he’ll have to wait a few days.  We did a trial run.  I texted him (his phone was set on vibrate).  He received the text, but we couldn’t hear the vibration (sometimes, it seems like vibrate is louder than the actual ring).  Hopefully, this will keep him from getting “busted” by a deer and then he can bring home more venison!!  

I have several really cute projects that I’ll be working on soon for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.  Some I’ll be able to share as I make them…some I’ll have to wait on until after the fact.  I am very excited about them though!  They should be good ones!!!

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow!!


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