It Has Begun

Well, it’s almost official.  In 1 hour and 20 minutes, I will be a hunting widow.  I’m practically one right now.  Here it is on a Friday night.  The kids and hubby are in bed & I’m wide awake.  Oh well.

Yes, tomorrow is opening day of hunting season.  It is a very exciting time in our household.  For weeks, there has been scouting, planning, cleaning, repairing, more scouting, more planning.  There have been many pictures taken on game cams.  Many trips have been made to the woods to find the spot.  

This is my hubby’s second year of hunting, and boy, have I learned a lot!!  I know more about bows and guns and camo than I ever dreamed I would.  I know what fletchings are.  I know that the tube that looks like a glue stick is not a glue stick…it’s wax for the bow strings.  I know if you wash the hunting gear in All or Arm & Hammer detergent, the hubby might not be too appreciative of you “helping out”.  I know that hunting laws are ridiculously confusing and change depending on who you talk to.  I know waaayyyy too much about deer attractant and thanks to YouTube, know much more about gutting a deer than I ever want to know.

I know some wives aren’t too excited about hunting season.  I see where it might be inconvenient.  Hours upon hours spent away from family.  Lots of money is put into getting the proper gear and licenses.  

However, I have experienced the “fruits of his labor” first hand.  I have learned I actually like venison!!  Shocker!  If you know me, you know I’m a little, kind of, really picky eater.  That’s probably putting it mildly.  So, imagine my surprise when I made and ate venison for the first time last year.  I actually liked it!!  

I like the fact that it is so lean.  For example, I use ground venison to make spaghetti sauce and taco meat (we call them vacos.  Venison + Tacos = Vacos…get it?).  There is virtually no grease left behind in the pan.  I ran out of ground venison (NOOOOOOOOOO) and had to go back to ground turkey…still a very low fat, lean meat.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  It seemed that the turkey was very greasy.  That really sounds funny to say…lean ground turkey…too greasy.  But it was true.  I no longer liked turkos (turkey + taco = turkos….ummmm…doesn’t have the same ring to it.).  My hubby has ruined me 🙂

My venison supply is running low, so I told my hubby that he HAS to get at least one deer this year.  No pressure, right?  I’m still not on board with hanging a dead animal’s head up on the wall in my living room, but I have definitely come a long way, immersing myself in the hunting culture.

I have to say, my hubby’s not the only one a little, kind of, a lot excited about hunting season starting up.  I’m actually looking forward to it almost as much as he is!  I know I’ll be hanging on to my phone tomorrow, hoping every text that comes through is a pic of him with the spoils of his hunt.  

So, to all of you hunters out there…why aren’t you in bed?  Just kidding.  I wish all hunters out there lots of luck with their hunts tomorrow.  May your arrows shoot straight and find your target.  



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