I Wanna Be Like (Part 2)…

So, I got to thinking last night after my last post…I should talk about my son’s role models.  Often, we worry about our daughter’s role models and completely overlook our sons.  At least that’s what I did.  I got so worried that she would become like the Miley Cyrus’ and Brittany Spears’ of this world, I forgot who my son’s “role models” are.

A lot of the time, boys look up to sports super stars.  Who does that give us?  Tiger Woods.  A-Rod.  (Those are the only sports guys I know…just kidding!).  I know lately, there have been one or two who have given us hope.  Tim Tebow certainly has made a lot of headlines.  But I think he’s an exception to the rule.  

So, who would I pick for my son’s role models?  Here’s a list my hubby and I collaborated on:

1.  Daniel.  Brave.  Not afraid to follow God, even when his life was at stake.  I wonder if he knew the new law about praying only to the king was a set up.  Whether he did or not, he showed great courage and prayed…with the window OPEN!  That took a lot of nerve…and a lot of faith.  No matter what the outcome was, I think it showed he had a great trust in God to protect and deliver him.

2.  Barnabas.  The Encourager.  This characteristic is already showing up in my son, and I hope it sticks with him in the future.  Not only did Barnabas encourage the new convert, Paul, he also gave people a second chance.  When deciding who to take with them on a journey, Barnabas wanted to bring John Mark, even though he had abandoned them in an earlier trip.  Paul didn’t want to take him, but Barnabas must have saw something promising in John Mark that made him give him a second chance.  

3.  Paul.  Passionate.  When Paul believed in something, he went at it 110%.  His deep love for the gospel and the lost fueled a fire that would carry him all over the area, and eventually to Rome where he faced his arrest.  He didn’t let much stop him from preaching the gospel…even in prison.  I hope my son has that same love for God’s message and the people who need to hear it.

4.  Jesus.  Loving.  Here’s the no-brainer choice.  As we all try to emulate the life of Christ, I pray that my son walks in the footsteps of our Savior.  That he sees people through Jesus’ eyes.  That he loves all and longs to serve God all of his life.  

5.  Joshua.  A Leader.  When Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan, he had a great weight on his shoulders and huge sandals to fill.  He had to not only convince the Israelites that he could be their leader, he had to convince them that they needed to follow God’s law and obey Him only (which proves to be a difficult task).  He led by example.  He declares to the children of God that they needed to choose.  They couldn’t follow God and the gods of the land they were about to overtake.  If they chose God, they had to be all in.  His rousing speech concluded with his own proclamation, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”, Joshua 24:15.

The Bible is full of strong, Godly men who followed God whole heartedly.  When I asked my hubby who he would want Brayden to model after, he said “Well, there’s certainly not a shortage of men in the Bible”.  Again, God gave us these men to learn from and imitate.

There are also some in the Bible we wouldn’t want our children to be like.  Jezebel, Ahab, Judas, etc.  I think they are also there to serve a purpose.  They show us what a life without God looks like.  They show us how terrible and dark it could be.  Even though the stories don’t have a happy ending, we can also learn from them.  

So, the next time a sports super star is arrested for doping or juicing or whatever they call it now, perhaps we should turn off the news and open the Bible and show our sons (and daughters) the type of people we want them to be.


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