Make It Homemade

For the past couple of days, we haven’t had internet service.  At first, the internet company thought it was probably a problem with the modem.  So, I went into town and picked up a new one.  We had the last one for almost 4 years, which is old in the tech world.  So, I hooked up the new one.  I do get a bit overwhelmed with a lot of cords…if “a lot” is more than one.  But, I followed the “quick start guide” and sat back…ready to surf that world wide web.  Nothing.   I called the company again.  This was no easy task.  You see, our house lives in the black hole of phone service.  The top of our driveway, phone signal.  In the house…nothing.  We have a device called a Microcell from AT&T that plugs into our (wait for it) internet and boosts our signal.  It’s like having a tower in our house.  It’s pretty sweet..until the internet goes out.  I finally made contact with the internet company and they sent someone out to our house this morning.

After the guy checked things out on the outside of our house, he came inside and immediately found the problem.  You see, when “someone” was installing the modem, he or she didn’t plug the part that looks like the phone line into the wall all of the way.  Needless to say, I was embarrassed, but glad for the tech.  Easy fix for him.  Let’s just hope they show mercy on me and don’t charge for the house call.

My latest project might shock you.  For someone who can’t even plug in a modem, making her own marshmallows may seem a bit impossible, but I did it!  Yes, I made my own marshmallows!!!!  

I have to say I LOVE marshmallows.  When I make my own marshmallow fondant, I seem to have about half a bag leftover.  I’l find myself frequenting the pantry…gabbing one, or two or three as I go by.  

I found this pin on Pinterest a while back and have wanted to make some, but I just felt like it was out  of my league.  Perhaps my success with making my own pizza crust and crescent rolls boosted my confidence enough to tackle this recipe.

I’ve always wondered what was in marshmallows.  Now I know…unflavored gelatin, corn syrup and a LOT of sugar.  What threw me for a loop was it called for granulated sugar.  I would have guessed powdered sugar.

When I was making them, it was a sticky mess…mainly getting them from the mixing bowl to the plastic lined pan.  I let them firm up over night & every time I walked by them, I had my doubts.

The next day, I started cutting them into smaller cubes.  The recipe says it yields 36 marshmallows.  Well, they must be huge, because I got soooooo many more out of it.  I put some in an air tight container and the rest in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer.  I wanted to test the theory that they could be frozen and taste just as good later.

The verdict?  The kids looovvvee them!!  My hubby tasted one and said “hey!  Marshmallow!”  I count that as a success, because it was identifiable by taste :).

Are they worth the time and ingredients to make them?  Hmmmm…that’s tricky.  mainly because a bag of marshmallows will run you about $1 at the grocery store.  I’m pretty sure the ingredients cost more than that.  However, I will say the taste/flavor is great.  If you’re going to have a cookout with your kiddos friends, buy the marshmallows at the store.  If you want to impress your friends at a special event, make them yourself!!  They’re not too labor intensive…just sticky.

I wonder if I can substitute the unflavored gelatin for some regular jello mix.  If I can do that, the possibilities are endless!!  


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