A Home Run!

My son’s fall baseball season just started up.  We got the schedule yesterday…14 games in about a 6 week time span.  So, yeah…our evenings/weekends just got interesting.

This article has nothing to do with baseball, unless you want to use vernacular to describe the most tasty, yummy easy snack type food I made today.  Then, you could say I “hit a home run”.  This dish was “out of the park” good.  It was a crowd pleaser for sure!

On Sunday evenings, our congregation splits into what we call “Agape Groups” or small groups and we have a casual Bible study in one of our members homes.  It’s really one of my favorite things.  Like all good churches in the south, we can’t meet unless there’s food involved 🙂  If you’re from the south, you know what I mean.  If you’re not…well, I bet you wish you were from the south!

I’m always on the lookout for simple, tasty, easy finger foods that will feed about 15 or so people plus kids.  Sometimes I hit a rut and mac & cheese makes an appearance.  However, the other day, I was on Pinterest & found this gem.

Ok.  Hot ham & cheese pinwheels.  What doesn’t sound good about that?  You have my 3 favorite words.  Hot.  Ham.  Cheese.  

So, I made these for our group tonight.  First of all, they look fancy.  They look like they take a lot of time to make (neither is true).  Plus, you can impress your friends because you made the bread that wraps around the ham & cheese (although I think you could probably cut some corners and use the crescent roll dough that comes in a tube).

I was skeptical because the recipe says it takes 45 minutes to make, from start to finish.  Really?  So, I timed it.  Not with a stop watch, but I did keep an eye on the clock and yep..about 45 minutes.

After I baked them, I put the pinwheels in two 9X13 pans (for easy transport) and popped them into one of my favorite things…my Thirty-One double decker casserole carrier (I know there’s an official name for it, but I can’t for the life of me remember it!).  Here’s a pic of it…yeah…you can be jealous 😉

ImageI even had it personalized…ImageYep…”Hot Stuff”!  My favorite 31 Consultant helped me come up with that one…I love it!

Anyway, so I took my “hot stuff” with me and after the Bible study, it was time to eat!  To say they went over well is the understatement of the year.  You would not believe how quickly they were eaten.  I’m sad to say I didn’t have any leftover…*sigh*.  

I was talking to some of the ladies there & we decided you could come up with a whole slew up combinations of meat/cheese pinwheels.  Roast.  Chicken.  Turkey.  Provolone.  Swiss.  Pepper jack.  On and on an on.  You could spread some honey dijon on the dough before you added the meat and cheese.  You could come up with all kinds of dipping sauces.  The possibilities are endless!

In the blog, the woman writing it says they’re great hot or cold.  I guess I’ll never know if they’re good cold…unless I make more!  She puts a couple in her kids school lunches, which I think is brilliant.  

Since everyone was raving so much about them, I can, without a doubt, say these will be making another appearance at our Agape Group.  And probably for an easy lunch at our house one day.  And maybe in my son’s school lunch.  And maybe at a potluck dinner.  And maybe…well, you get my point.  I’ll be making them a lot!!

Have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow.  I hope you can take advantage of the day and not labor too much!!!



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