Another Recipe!!

Do not adjust your settings…yes, you are getting two posts in one day.  It’s not that I have tons of spare time today.  I am just that excited to share with you another recipe!  It’s a two recipe kind of day.

One of my favorite childhood meals is pigs in a blanket.  I realize, there may be many of you out there who don’t like hot dogs.  I do.  Please don’t tell me what’s in them.  I don’t mind living in ignorance…at least on this issue.

Perhaps even better than the hot dog is the yummy crescent roll that they are incased in.  I am definitely a bread girl.  I have never met a carb I didn’t like :).  So, when I found this recipe on Pinterest, I was intrigued.  I had never made my own crescent rolls.  Normally, making any type of bread makes me a little nervous.  But, curiosity won over nerves.

Let me just say, this was a pretty easy recipe to follow.  Like any baking situation, you want to follow it 100%.  However, after saying that, I did end up using more flour than she called for.  Not too much more, but it was a little over 5 cups of flour.  I’m not sure if our weather was more humid than hers, but the dough was pretty sticky until I added the extra flour.

ImageThe dough rose beautifully.  It smelled so yummy in my house while I was making it.  I loved that part!!  The dough felt so soft and light.  If someone could figure out how to turn that into a pillow, it would be amazing…it was that soft!!

ImageThis recipe makes 32 crescent rolls.  After you cut them into their triangular shapes, you roll them up and let them rise a little bit more.  They get HUGE (this photo is pre-rising)!  I was so surprised.  The ones that you buy in the tubes in the store definitely don’t get that big.  It was crazy!!

ImageI used some of the crescent rolls for pigs in a blanket, I baked a few (to do a taste test) and then I froze the rest for future dinners.

The results??  My son loved them!  My hubby said they tasted very fresh and a lot like a dinner roll.  They were a hit!!  

It was a lot of work, so one thing you have to decide is:  Is the time worth the savings? YES!!  I calculated approximately how much it cost me to make these.  For the entire batch, it was $3.12.  It worked out to be about $0.10/crescent roll (yes, I actually calculated this).  

We have a store in our town that sells groceries at drastically reduced prices.  The problem is their inventory changes all the time.  Sometimes, I might be able to find the crescent rolls that come in a tube that you pop open for $0.99 for a package of 8.  IF I can find them, it still works out cheaper to make them myself.  If I can’t find them at this store, to buy the same 8 pack at another grocery store would cost almost as much as making 32 home made ones!!  It’s a no brainer for me!  They taste yummy, the family likes them, it didn’t take too terribly long to make (the hard part was patiently waiting while the dough was rising), they’re way cheaper to make and I have over half of the recipe frozen in my freezer, waiting for our next meal 🙂  

As always, there is something so satisfying in making something from scratch…something you could go buy in the store already done, but you decide to make it yourself.  I really like that feeling.  

So, take some time this weekend and make some home made crescent rolls.  While you’re impatiently waiting for the dough to rise, watch a little Duck Dynasty 🙂  Did you catch the premier of Season 4 last night???  I LOVED IT!!!  So sweet.

Happy Thursday!


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