What Makes You Happy Happy Happy?

So, I’ve made it now secret that I love Duck Dynasty.  You can imagine how excited I am for Wednesday to get here…Season 4 begins!!  I’ve been watching reruns for months now & I always find something new to laugh at.

I am far from a redneck girl.  Phil Robertson would probably refer to me as a “yuppie”.  I am trying to de-yuppify myself a bit (but not too much!).  I’ve taken up canning this summer…my hubby started hunting last year.  We kind of live in the country.  These are small steps, but that’s how I roll :).

This past weekend, we had a Yard Sale.  Well, let me clarify.  We had a sequel to a yard sale we had last weekend.  We had so much left over from yard sale #1, that my hubby thought we should try again (this all ties in with Duck Dynasty…well, kind of…hang with me).  It is truly amazing the amount of stuff a family of 4 can accumulate over time.  Most of it was kids clothing.  I’m not a hoarder, but I do save things for later usage.  When we had our son, I kept all of his clothes, just in case we had another boy.  When we had our daughter, I kept all of her clothes, just in case we had another girl.  Later, we decided that 2 is enough & have called it quits in the baby department.

So, I had a ton of clothes and high chairs and strollers and more.  I felt bad for the elderly  more mature couples who came to our sale.  We really had nothing of interest for them…unless they had grandkids younger than our kids.

Okay…back to the yard sale.  I wasn’t overly excited to have Yard Sale #2, but I figured it would be easy…everything was still set up from the previous weekend.  

My hubby had just finished reading “Happy Happy Happy” by Phil Robertson.  He would read some right before bed & would just bust out laughing in spots.  I’d ask what was so funny & he kept saying “You’ll just have to read it”.  When he finished, he said “you really need to read this before season 4 starts”.  So, he let me read it on Friday while he ran the garage sale pretty much single handed (thanks honey!!).

To say I could’t put it down is an understatement.  I read the whole thing in one day.  The book takes you back to the time of Phil Robertson’s, (founder of Duck Commander and family patriarch), childhood, the rough times he went through, the beginning of the company and finishes up to where they are today.

One thing I love (and I think most of America) loves about this family is how “real” they are.  I’ve heard countless stories about how people meet them at book signings or other public appearances and the phrase you hear is “they’re so genuine” or “they’re just like they are on tv”.

A refreshing theme in the book is how Phil Robertson credit’s his success in life and his business to God.  He led a rough life before he came into a relationship with God.  After he obeyed the Gospel, you notice a drastic change in his lifestyle.  You can’t help but notice how things started looking up for him, once he changed his ways.  He took what he learned and started telling others about what Jesus did for him.  30+ years later, he hasn’t stopped.

That’s the thing about Jesus.  Once you’ve seen what he’s done for you, you can’t wait to tell others and show them how they can experience what you’ve experienced.  At least, that’s what should happen.  I am guilty of keeping this good news to myself, worried that someone might reject my message, worried I might offend.  I dream of the confidence that Phil Robertson & his sons have.  The conviction that we read about Peter and John having in the Bible.  While standing in front of the Sanhedrin, they were ordered to not speak or teach about Jesus.

“Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God.  For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  Acts 4:19-20

It’s not that they couldn’t summon up the courage to approach someone about Jesus. They weren’t afraid of what people would say (or do) to them.  They couldn’t contain themselves!!

I encourage you to watch the new season of Duck Dynasty.  I highly recommend you read “Happy Happy Happy”.  I pray that you search for the truth that is found only in the Bible.  Learn from Phil Robertson.  It’s not fame, fortune or duck hunting that has made him “happy happy happy”.  It’s creating a relationship with God and following His Will.


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