My Vacation…Unplugged

Happy end of summer!!  I’m sure, like me, you are gearing up for the beginning of school.  Next week on my list:  registering my son for school & buying school supplies.  Of course, we have fall ball practice starting tomorrow night.  Our garden is producing veggies faster than I can can them (ha ha!).  It’s a crazy time of year.

So, my family had a little vacation this past week.  First of all, we celebrated our 13th anniversary on Monday with a trip to the beach.  It was perfect beach weather.  Not too hot (surprising for August), not too much wind (surprising for the beach) and not too crowded (surprising for summer).  It was a quick trip…drove up and back in one day.  But, it was fun.  We ended the day at one of my new favorite restaurants…Carrabba’s.  I’m a sucker for Italian food 🙂

Tuesday, we went to a friend’s cabin in the George Washington National Forest.  It wasn’t too far away from home, but it felt far away…let me explain.

There was no cable.  No internet.  No wi-fi.  No cell phone service.  It’s what my hubby would call paradise.   There was a land line phone…remember those??  Of course, no long distance, so we really didn’t need to use it, because the people (our family) we normally call are all long distant.

I texted my family the land line number, in case something catastrophic happened while we were gone & we need to be reached immediately.  When I told them we wouldn’t have access to our phone service, text messages or emails on our vacation, my brother texted back “Ummmmm…what kind of vacation is it without phone and internet :)”

I have to be honest…I kind of felt that way too.  I mean, no phone, no Facebook, no e-mails????  What were we going to do???

Well, we went old school!  We took some old VHS movies (the cabin had a small…I mean small TV with a VCR hooked up to it).  At night, we popped popcorn in an air popper and watched the kiddos favorite movies.  During the day, we played horseshoes, badminton, basketball, volleyball, etc.  I taught my son how to play Pick-Up-Sticks.  We visited the neighbors horses.  We slept in.  We stayed up late.  My hubby and I actually read books (remember those…well, he read a real book, I read my Kindle…I had to have some technology).  We went fishing.  We took in the beautiful scenery.


The conclusion?  It wasn’t too bad.  I actually enjoyed not having to respond to every little beep or chime on my phone.  I didn’t have to charge my phone over night.  And guess what??  I didn’t have as many text messages, emails or missed phone calls that I thought I would.  I did giggle a little bit one night when my hubby wondered if the neighbors had wifi…

When we pulled in the driveway to our home, our daughter started crying…a lot.  We couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  We finally got it out of her.  She wanted the other house!  We laughed about that for a while!  It’s not like the cabin was the Taj Mahal.  There was no AC and lacked in all of those other amenities I talked about above.  Maybe she missed the seclusion?  Maybe she missed having our 100% attention?  Who knows how the mind of a 3 year old works???

I do think that our family may visit that cabin again.  We survived a few days without the technology that occupies so much of our time.  I felt like maybe we grew a little bit as a family.  We got back to our “roots” if you will.  We spent quality time together.  The kiddos are growing so fast.  Soon, they’ll start getting wrapped up in the world of gadgetry & we’ll miss these slow moments where we weren’t so plugged in.


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