Let Them Eat (And Decorate) Cake!

If you’ve read some of my past blogs, you’ll probably come across one or two dealing with cakes I’ve made/decorated for friends.  My love for cake decorating is slowly morphing into a career for me.  


I have recently become the Wilton Method Instructor for my local Michael’s Arts & Crafts store, and I couldn’t be more excited!  How often do you get to go work and do something you love??  It’s not “work” when that happens.  I have been able to blend my love of cake decorating with making a little cash on the side…not too shabby 🙂

It all happened very quickly.  I was in the store…probably getting cake supplies, surprise surprise, & asked the cashier if anyone took the cake classes (just out of curiosity).  She said yes & asked if I was interested.  I said no, I had already taken them, and she informed me that they were looking for a new instructor and wondered if I would be interested.  Long story short, I applied & a few weeks later, I’m teaching my 1st class!  Amazing!

Cake decorating doesn’t sound like a typical hobby.  I took the Wilton Course 1 back around the time my son turned 1 year old.  I remembered my mom and grandma made all of my birthday cakes & I always thought that was really neat.  My hubby’s mom did the same thing.  Not only did it create great memories…I don’t know if you’ve checked the prices of cakes recently, but I’m sure it saved a lot of money!

So, I signed up for the course with a few friends and my only goal was to learn how to ice a cake and do the little star pattern that has made Wilton famous.  Once I finished the course, I was hooked!!!  My friends and I took the remaining 2 courses.  I fell in love with fondant work most!  I love how it can transform a cake.  Most of the cakes I do now are with fondant.  I do have a great respect for intricate icing work too.  That is a disappearing art form.

About 2 months before my family moved halfway across the country to Virginia, I took the advanced gumpaste and fondant course…smart right?  I was working, getting our house ready to sell, packing…why not add another thing to my list??  I managed to pull it off though.

What started off as a simple hobby has blossomed into a wonderful side job and I love every minute of it.  My favorite part is talking to the recipient of a cake…determining what they’re looking for & bringing it to life.  I hate transporting cakes, but I love the look on peoples faces when they see the final project.  And…I don’t even mind when they tear into the cake…hey….that’s what you’re supposed to do!

If you are interested in taking a Wilton Method Cake class, contact your local arts and crafts store (i.e. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc).  You can also check out Wilton’s website and check for classes in your area.  Here is the link to their website.

No matter what your level of experience is, the Wilton courses are great.  If you’re just beginning, they have tons of information and great techniques.  If you’ve been doing this for years, it’s a great refresher!  Check them out!


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