Family Pics

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s June!  Where has the time gone??  This is my son’s last week of 2nd grade.  I can’t believe that the school year is almost over…*sigh* I’m feeling old.

This weekend, we got our family pics taken.  We have a friend who’s sister does a fantastic job taking them.  This is the second time she’s taken our pics & I just love them!!

I think I drove my hubby nuts with all the planning I did on our photo session.  First of all, we needed to perfect spot.  I love the natural looking, outdoor pics that are really popular right now.  In our town, there is a place that we call “The Secret Garden”.  It’s basically someone’s backyard that they keep immaculate & open it to the public.  There’s a small opening in some hedges. You could walk right by it and never know the beauty that’s inside.

So, location…check.  Then, we needed to cover clothing.  I wanted us to match, but not exactly…you know, coordinate.  I didn’t want this:



Or this…


After a long and tedious shopping trip (my poor hubby), I finally found outfits that I was happy with.  Next up…poses.

Pinterest has a wealth of posing ideas.  Some are really cool.  Some are sweet.  Some look dangerous…


Sometimes, I wonder.

So, once we got the basics figured out, we let our adorable kiddos do the rest.




Now here are some poses that I found on Pinterest…the real ones 🙂




Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  




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