Count Your Blessings

Tonight, after I got home from leading a Weight Watchers meeting, I had to cook dinner for my family.  After that, I had to clean the dishes, load the dishwasher.  I had to get my kids ready for bed. I had to help my daughter brush her teeth.  I had to tuck them in.  I had to sweep the kitchen floor…it was dirty, even though I had just swept it this morning.  I had to do some laundry.

Tonight was a normal, Monday evening.  Nothing I did was exceptional.  These are typical housewife/stay at home mom type duties that some may feel are mundane.  Boring even.

However, in my home state, there’s a mother who couldn’t make dinner for her family.  She couldn’t put up leftovers or load the dishwasher.  She couldn’t get her kids ready for bed or brush their teeth or tuck them in.  She couldn’t sweep her floor or do laundry.  She couldn’t do any of this because she has no home.  This morning, she did.  Now…nothing.

Oklahoma was hit by a devastating tornado this afternoon.  I have experienced a large tornado.  In 1999, on May 3rd, the same town, Moore, Oklahoma, was hit by a huge tornado.  Hundreds experienced damages, losses of homes and more tragically, losses of life.  

The early news reports are that today’s tornado was 3 times more destructive that the 1999 tornado.  I can’t even begin to imagine that it could be worse that what I saw 14 years ago.  One thing that has stuck out to me is a nightmare no parent wants to ever experience.  Two elementary schools were hit by the tornado.  Both schools were completely demolished.  One school’s students were fortunate enough to have all children safe and accounted for.  The other school did not fare as well.  The latest I’ve heard is that at least 7 children were counted as fatalities at that school.  

My heart breaks for those parents.  My prayers go out to them.  I can’t imagine what they’ll have to face in the days, weeks,  months & years to come.  

I hugged my children a lot tighter tonight.  I told them I loved them more often.  When they were being loud and running around, I didn’t stop them.  It didn’t seem like such a big chore to cook them dinner.  I was happy I had a kitchen to clean.  I was thrilled I had a floor to sweep and laundry to wash.  I am blessed that I have 2 wonderful children to hug and tuck into bed…to kiss them on the forehead and wish them sweet dreams.  

In our day to day life, please remember what’s truly important.  Remember that it can all be gone in a split second.  Our lives here are short.  It’s easy to get hung up on small, petty things.  Let’s not waste our energy and efforts on those things.  Let’s look beyond this life to what lies in front of us.  A place where there are no tears, no suffering and no tornadoes.

“Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow.  What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  James 4:14


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