Keep Your Fork…

This has been a wild week.  As I look over the current events of our country, I am saddened. I was shocked when I heard the news about the Boston Marathon Bombing.  My husband and I were glued to our T.V. as we watched the FBI & Boston police capture the second (and hopefully last) suspect in the bombing.  I heard terrible, tragic stories of families losing loved ones, arms and legs being amputated…hearts wounded.  

Also this week, was the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.  I remember that day with amazing clarity.  I was on the football field…at band practice.  I was 16 years old & a sophomore in high school.  Terrorism was unheard of…at least in Oklahoma…at least to a carefree 16 year old.  While practicing formations, we heard (what we thought) thunder.  It was odd, since there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  We shrugged and we went on with our practice.  It was only after band, that we learned the horrible truth.

Since then, I have experienced multiple tragedies.  Columbine, September 11th, Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora, many others and now Boston.  I have heard about many near misses.  Terrorists caught before they were able to pull off unspeakable wrongs.  Sadness.  Heartache.  Loss.

Last week, during our worship service, we sang a song.  “This World Is Not My Home”.  They lyrics really have spoken to me this week.  “This world is not my home.  I’m just passing through.  My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue.”

Thank goodness that this is not the end.  Thank goodness that there is more to come.  Something better.  A place where there will be no more pain.  Suffering.  Tears.  No more bombings.  No more angry people shooting into crowds of innocent children.  No more airplanes flying into buildings.  

My son has started doing something in the car.  While we’re driving, he’ll ask us to give him a Bible verse to look up.  It’s a lot of fun.  Sometimes, my hubby likes to trick him…have him look up a chapter or verse (and sometimes a book…did you know there is no book of Hezekiah in the Bible???) that doesn’t exist.  However, the other day, he had him look up Ecclesiastes 3:1.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

The chapter goes on to talk about the different seasons.  A time to be born, a time to die, a time to tear up and a time to tear down.  Sound like a song??  It is.  According to my sources at Wikipedia, the Byrds topped the Billboard charts in 1965 with this song.  Of course, they had an anti-war agenda and the lyrics were “tweaked” a little towards the end.  However, the writer of Ecclesiastes includes a “time for war and a time for peace”, unlike the song.  

So, it seems, we are in a time of unrest, a time of war, a time to weep.  It sounds so negative, so sad.  What do we do with that?   We can yearn for better times.  Where are those times going to take place?  Heaven, of course!!  We can watch what’s going on in this world…with all it’s pain and hurt and have peace knowing that this is not all there is to “it”.  Better things are coming.

My hubby used a story in one of his sermons recently.  He talked about a woman who was buried with a fork.  I’ve seen people buried with a lot of different things.  Most popular are photos, their favorite Bible, maybe a piece of jewelry or even a stuffed animal.  I remember attending one funeral where the officiant (who happened to be my dad) took a pic of the audience with the deceased favorite camera.  It was then placed in the casket because she loved to take pictures.  That was odd to me…somewhere underground…is a camera…with film in it(remember film cameras?)…and I (and several others) are on that film.  But I digress…

The woman asked to buried with a fork for this reason…when she was a young girl at the dinner table, dishes were always taken away before dessert.  The person taking the dishes away always said this “keep your fork…the best is yet to come”.  So, she kept her fork, because she knew the best was yet to come.  Heaven is our award…not this life.  When we are able to completely embrace that concept, our lives can fall into place.  Some things don’t seem as important.  Other things seem more important than they used to.  Perspective.  We gain loads of perspective.

So, how are you going to view the events of our world?  Will you get wrapped up in the here and now?  The day to day struggles?  Or, will you look forward to dessert?  Something much better than we have right now.  Something that we can’t even begin to imagine.  


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