Cool Your Jets

I think I mention the weather in every article, but I’m sooooo excited about our warmer temps we’ve been having.  My hubby has already mowed our yard!!  I think that’s pretty impressive since it was about 2 weeks ago when we got our last snow.

Warmer weather brings lots of things.  Up in D.C., the cherry blossoms are blooming.  Here, we have been having beautiful daffodils.  Tulips should be next.  The earth is waking up!!!

On the downside, warmer weather also brings things my daughter hates.  Bugs.  Bees.  Flies.  Suddenly, every black speck on the floor is a bug & she goes into meltdown mode.  Warmer weather also brings hot car seats.  I dread putting Sophie in the hot car.  The sun coming through the car windows warms up her seat & causes the metal buckles to be smokin’ hot.  Not a good thing.

I really feel bad for her.  I’m sure it is very painful on her little legs.  Last summer, I didn’t really know how to fix the problem.  I’d park in the shade when it was available.  I’d try to park the car in a certain direction so that her seat wouldn’t be in direct sunlight.  Still…it was no fun getting in the car.

Towards the end of summer, I came across this tutorial on Pinterest.  I believe it was a couple of years old & I honestly don’t know why I haven’t seen these in the stores…they are genius!!!!

It is basically a piece of fabric that has several pockets in it that holds those hard ice packs that you put in coolers.   You place it in your child’s car seat when you go into the store.  While you’re shopping, it will cover the seat, allow the coolness from the ice packs to go onto the seat and in theory, the car seat will be nice and cooled when you’re done with your shopping.  Like I said…genius!!!!

It must be said that you don’t sit your kids on the carseat cooler.  It only goes in the seat while your child is not sitting in it.  I don’t think it would be safe & it definitely wouldn’t be comfortable.  I’ve described this to several & they thought the kiddos sit on it…they don’t 🙂

This project takes very little fabric.  In total, I think I got about 1 1/3 yards…combined.  I would say the project is on a medium sewers level.  It got bumped up from beginners level because of one thing and one thing only…biased tape.

This is my first (and quite possibly last) experience with biased tape.  First of all, the link I gave you for this project doesn’t really explain how to sew biased tape on.  I’m guessing the author assumes you already know.  Second, the packaging that the biased tape comes in does not have directions on it.  Third, don’t try sewing this at 11 pm after you’ve had a long day…it will not go well for you.  I found a tutorial on YouTube.  I believe it was titled “How to sew biased tape on a machine without swearing”.  Something like that.  I giggled at the title, but when I was in the middle of it…I totally got it.

Part of my problem might have been that I had single fold biased tape.  It was very skinny.  There were tons of widths to choose from at the store.  Wide single fold.  Double fold.  Wide double fold.  Quilters biased tape.  It goes on and on.  In my defense, the tutorial didn’t saw which to get.  I’m thinking if I do it again, a wider tape would solve a lot of my problems.

My other thought would be to forego the biased tape and just sew it a little differently.  I think I might put the two “decorative fabrics” (the ones you’ll see on top) right sides together and pin the insulation fabric to one side.  Then, sew three sides together, flip it right side out, turn the end over and sew across.  You should have finished edges then.  I would just turn the sides of the bottom fabric piece under and hem it.  Viola…no need for biased tape.  I don’t know if that would be faster time wise or not, but it would save my sanity.


So here’s how mine turned out.  Notice I didn’t take the pic close up :).  It’s not the neatest finished project, but hey!  It’ll do the job!  I did use it today.  I put it in my daughter’s car seat during worship service & while we went out to eat.  It was a cooler day, but it still gets hot in the car.  When I came out, the seat was nice & cool and there was no screaming!  Yay!!!!

I am contemplating making another one, since I have this one under my belt.  If I do and I make some changes to it, I’ll post an update.  For now, I think I’ll just use this one and see how it goes…I may just want to make one for my car seat 🙂  


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