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Weather is very strange.  Last week, we had snow and sleet coming down.  Today, it was close to 90!!  My family in Oklahoma had 80 degree weather on Monday…at the same time, they were under a winter weather advisory.

Don’t worry…this isn’t a global warming article.  It’s an article about air conditioners.  Stay with me…it’s not that boring.

Since it was almost 90 degrees today, we needed to turn our AC on.  I got home close to about noon & it was about 81 degrees in the house.  I bumped it on and went about my routine.  I worked out on the elliptical & I was REALLY sweating.  Part of it was from the strenuous workout I was getting…but part of it was because our AC wasn’t putting out cold air.

When your AC doesn’t work, it could be a multitude of problems, and that makes it a little scary.  I went outside to investigate.  I checked breakers to see if maybe we tripped one…that would be too easy right?  Well, we didn’t.  But, while out there, I noticed the unit was trying to come on, but the fan wasn’t moving.

So, I went inside, sat down and tried not to move and stay as cool as possible.  I also texted my hubby the bad news.  By then, it was about 83 degrees inside.

We called a friend who recommended a repair man for us.  He couldn’t come out until the morning.  At first, I was bummed, but I’m so glad he couldn’t come out immediately.  I’ll tell you why.

While trying to sit and be cool, I started googling our problem.  Chances are, we weren’t the first person that this has happened to.  Sure enough, I started seeing others post comments that their AC wasn’t working…and they had the same “symptoms”.

According to one of the posts, it seemed to be an easy and cheap fix.  We had a bad run capacitor.  It is a little cylinder part that causes the fan and/or compressor to kick on (some units have 2 separate ones, others have one that runs both…I now feel like an HVAC expert!).  Now the hard part was finding a place that sold the part.  For this, I went old school & looked it up in the phone book (did you know they still made those??)

I found a local place & called them.  The gentleman who answered said they had the part. I asked when they closed & he said five o’clock.  I asked what time it was…5:35.  Ack!!  After talking to him for a little bit, I was fairly certain that the run capacitor was our problem.  I asked what time they opened in the morning & said that we would probably be there when they opened up.

Then he asked where we were.  Now, I don’t normally tell strangers where I live over the phone.  He said if I would give him about an hour, he would bring the part over to our house.  No delivery fee.  Are you kidding me????  Who does that anymore??  Doctors don’t even make house calls!!

Sure enough, about 1 hour later, he shows up at our house & about 5 minutes later, we had cool air!!!  The part costs us about $20.  A visit from a repairman would have been around $220-$300!

Needless to say, my hubby and I were very excited that we were able to fix the problem in such a short amount of time!  Thanks to Google, YouTube and a helpful stranger, we were empowered!!

One thing I’ve taken away from this experience is the importance to changing your air filters…inside & out.  A few months ago, I pinned this, and filed it away “just in case”.  I will definitely be doing this is in the near future, along with replacing my very dusty filters inside.

Also, if you’re local and need any HVAC supplies, plumbing supplies or any other type of supplies similar tho these, I HIGHLY recommend Cheuvront’s Supply.  I feel like Mark (who I assume is the owner) went above and beyond to help someone who was buying a very cheap part.  It is very rare to find a place with that kind of customer service & I believe we need to support that when we can.

So now, I feel very pampered…sitting in my cool house, about to pop some popcorn and watch Duck Dynasty!!!  It’s Wednesday, Jack!!


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