Try It…You’ll Like It!

There are few things that make my husband more nervous than hearing me say “Hey!  I found a new recipe I’m going to try out on our friends…”  

I don’t know why.  They work out.  Most of the time.  Almost always.  I have had a few “mishaps”, but nothing that wasn’t inedible.

So, when I sprang not one, but two new recipes on him today, he was one nervous hubby.  Our lunch after worship services was one I found on Pinterest called Crockpot Honey Apple Pork Loin.  Pork, honey & apples go very well together, so I figured it was a no brainer.  Here’s the link to it.

It was a big hit.  I can tell, because I didn’t have to ask if he liked it…he started talking about how good it was.  When that happens, I know I can put it in the “keeper” pile.  It was super easy, although I think I’ll make it as a dinner from now on.  It said to cook it on low for 7 hours.  That meant for it to be ready at lunch time, I had to have it in the crockpot around 5:30 this morning.  It had very little prep time, so I went back to sleep for a little bit after I got it going :).  For you Weight Watchers peeps out there, I figured that 1 serving would be 3 oz.  The pork loin I used was 2 pounds, so I figured each serving was about 5 PPV.  It was very yummy & very filling!

Every Sunday evening, we have a group that meets in a home for a casual Bible study.  Of course, we finish it off with food!  So, tonight, I decided to try a new cake recipe.  Now, I’m usually a cake mix kind of girl, but this one sounded interesting.  The blogger said it goes back to the Great Depression Era.  It makes since…with some items being scarce, they had to be resourceful!  As always, I found it on Pinterest.

When I looked at the list of ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised that I had all of them on hand in the pantry.  Now, 7 or 8 years ago, that wouldn’t have been the case.  This cake intrigued me because you use no eggs, milk or mixing bowls.  All ingredients get mixed in the pan that you bake it in.  I doubled the recipe & baked it in a 9X13 pan.  I topped it off with powdered sugar because I had no icing on hand, and I was too lazy to make some 🙂

Everyone loved the cake!  It was surprisingly moist and chocolate-y.  My hubby was impressed.  I think he was worried that one of the ingredients in the cake was vinegar (don’t worry…you only use about 1 teaspoon).  Luckily, he couldn’t taste it!  When I make it again, I think I will mix everything in a bowl, although you don’t have to…I just want the dish I bake it in to look nice.  

For you Weight Watchers peeps, this one wasn’t as points friendly as the pork.  When I put the recipe in the Recipe Builder, I calculated it thinking it would make 16 servings.  The grand total was 10 (I believe…I can’t get my Recipe Builder to open right now).  However, when I cut the cake, it made 24 good size pieces…so that will help to bring the points down.

So, what did I learn today?  I learned that despite having a nervous husband, you can try new recipes out & everything works out!!  It makes things interesting and exciting.  And now, I have 2 more dishes I can make for my family.

Have fun.  Get in the kitchen and discover some new favorite recipes!!!


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