Family Day

Happy Saturday!!  Our family experienced a rare occurrence today…a FREE day!!  No baseball games, no cakes to bake, no meetings, no events, no weddings, no funerals.  100%, completely free for us!

So, what to do???  Luckily, it wasn’t snowing and sleeting like it was doing Thursday night…yes, you read that correctly.  Someone actually described it by saying “it was raining snowballs”.  The snowflakes were the biggest I had ever seen before.  They were literally as big around as a quarter or maybe even bigger.  You really had to see it to believe it!

We had sunshine, warmer weather and little wind…a recipe for a wonderful day.  Today also happened to be the opening of turkey season around here.  Now the first week, I have learned, is “youth week”.  That means that only “youth” can hunt.  The father’s can take them out, but the younger sons (or daughters) must pull the trigger and make the kill themselves.  So, my hubby took Brayden out for his first ever hunt.

ImageThey had a blast, although they didn’t get a turkey.  Oh well, there’s always next week!!

Since the weather was so nice, after lunch, the kiddos asked to go outside.  Brayden and Michael practiced a little baseball and then everyone went down to the kids swing set.

ImageWhen I say everyone, I really do mean everyone!  We all managed to fit into the little treehouse part that goes to the slide.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Your son looks terrified!”  Trust me, we were safe & in no danger of collapsing the swing set…at least I don’t think we were!!

After some outdoors time, we decided to go bowling.  Now, I know that’s not exactly a good weather activity…more like a “snowing or sleeting outside” activity, but hey!  It sounded like fun.  I should probably note that this is where Michael scored his first turkey for the day…unfortunately it wasn’t the kind you eat 🙂  Plus, I had just enrolled the kids in a wonderful program.  It’s called Kids Bowl Free and you can find it at this website.

I discovered it last year through Brayden’s school.  For FREE you can enroll your kids in the program and they can bowl 2 games for FREE everyday, all summer long.  I believe the dates go from April 1 to September 30.  It is a nation wide program, so you can pick a bowling alley that’s closet to you & have a ball!  They also have a special pass you can purchase.  I believe it’s a one time payment of $24.95 & you can put up to 4 adults on it.  Then, each adult on the pass can bowl…yep, you guessed it…2 games a day, all summer long.  Of course, this doesn’t cover your shoe rentals…but that’s a pretty good deal.  To give you an idea on how good of a bargain this is, at our bowling alley, my game and my hubby’s game cost $3.50 per person per game.  The pass would pay for itself in about 2 trips!!  We haven’t purchased the pass yet, but I can see it coming in handy when my parents and grandmother come visit this summer…we could all go bowling for…wait for it…FREE!!!  YAY!!!  

After bowling, we went out to eat at Red Lobster.  After sitting at our table for about 10 minutes, Sophie noticed the upholstery on the booth had a lobster (among other fish) on it.  Well, that freaked her out, so I had to awkwardly lean over the lobster and hide it from her.  Of course, when we left the restaurant, she ran over to the lobster tank & that didn’t seem to bother her!  It’s always entertaining to go out to eat with young children…


After dinner, it was bath time, Bible time and prayer time…our usual routine.  Then, the kids got a special treat and got to Skype with Michael’s brother who is visiting his parents in Oklahoma.  Sophie proceeded to show them every one of her stuffed animals…kind of a virtual show & tell :).  

All in all, it was truly a wonderful day.  I love weekends where there’s no plans and we can just spontaneously decide what to do!!  Better soak it up…it might not happen for a long time!


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