An Elephant’s Faithful, One Hundred Percent

I love to read.  I used to do it all the time…when I was a kid.  Our family would go on vacation and I would spend most of the time in the car with my nose in a book.  I remember having to be told to put the book down while driving through Yellowstone National Park!!  Most people were amazed at the natural beauty.  I just wanted to get to the next chapter!

Some are not readers.  I did fit that category post college.  After 4 years of having to read almost constantly, I took a vacation from reading…for several years…seriously.  I was burnt out!  

Now that my son is in school, I hope he develops a love of books that his father and I both have.  Literacy is something that schools have to focus on.  It’s been that way for years.  Even back in 1954, illiteracy was an issue, according to an article in Life magazine.  They cited the reason children weren’t reading…books were boring!  So, what to do?  Put  William Ellsworth Spaulding, the director of the education division at Houghton Mifflin on the case!  He compiled a list of 348 words he felt were important for first-graders to recognize and gave that list to Theodor Seuss Geisel.  He then cut that list to 250 words and asked Mr. Geisel to use only those words to write a book.  Thus, “The Cat In The Hat” was born and a Dr. Seuss became a household name. (info found on!)

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!  Actually, the official day (according to Wikipedia and lots of people on Facebook) is tomorrow.  However, if you have a kiddo in school, you have probably been celebrating all week.

I love Dr. Seuss books.  I love reading them to my kiddos.  The kids love the stories and illustrations.  I still find the books challenging to read…from the made up names for characters to the tricky anapestic tetrameter the book are written in.  Recently, Sophie has been asking for me or her daddy to read to her, and often, she picks a Dr. Seuss book.

So, a while back, I found this pin on Pinterest.  I tried to click on the link, but it wouldn’t take me to the original website, so my link will just take you to the actual pin on Pinterest.  Luckily, the story is put in the description area of the pin.  

Although I haven’t started this project for Brayden, I plan on doing it for him and Sophie.  I think it would make a great gift for graduation.  Opening the classic “Oh The Places You’ll Go” (which still brings tears to my eyes) and then seeing all of the things past teachers and principals have written about you.  What a treasure!!

Today, I stumbled upon this app.  It is free for the rest of today.  Beyond that, I’m not sure. Basically, you pick a card, take a picture and put your kids face in the card.


You can add borders, backgrounds, etc to the card.  Then, you can save the pic to your camera roll & can be e-mailed to friends and family.  It’s a fun way to celebrate a beloved children’s authors birthday 🙂  And again, free for today!  Can’t beat that!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, whether you eat Green Eggs & Ham, or watch The Lorax (or Cat In The Hat, or Horton Hears A Who, etc), this is a great way to focus on reading to your kids, or in my case, having your kiddo read to you!!  

Happy 109th birthday Dr. Seuss!  Thank you for many wonderful books!  They have helped thousands develop a love of reading and have created lasting memories!


2 thoughts on “An Elephant’s Faithful, One Hundred Percent

  1. I still have the Dr. Seuss dictionary that your grandma and grandpa got me when I was in the 1st grade. Admiring Dr. Seuss must run in the family!!!

  2. We started Jackson’s book with his preschool teachers and hope to make it all through high school. We let them write wherever they want and make sure they put the year and the class they taught…ie “mt Calvary Preschool Mrs Becky’s 2yr old Bear class 2012. Or something like that! I hope it will be a special book for him when he gets bigger!

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