Date Night!

I have to admit something…I had a date with a guy on Tuesday, and he was not my husband.  He’s actually a lot younger than my hubby.  Very cute…but he doesn’t have a job and lives with his mom.  In his spare time he likes to play video games and watch cartoons.  He’s still in school.  I had to pay for dinner too, and we took my car.  Good thing he’s cute.  Oh, and he’s my son!!

Our local Chick-fil-a had a Mother/Son Date Knight last Tuesday.  It was sooo much fun!!  They decorated half of their restaurant to look like the inside of a castle.  The tables had tablecloths on them.  You paid a set fee and a waiter came to your table to take your order.  After dinner, you could visit the sundae bar!  The Chick-fil-a cow was dressed up as a knight in shining armor.  There was even a lady who came around and made balloon animals!  What a fun night!!



I think at first, Brayden thought we were just going out to eat and I don’t think he was too thrilled about going out with old mom.  Soon after we arrive, I think he started getting a bit more excited!


After he protected our food, we got our picture taken with the Cow (sorry for the blurry action shot!).

It was a great night!  I love that our Chick-fil-a (and I’m assuming others) do things like this.  Several months ago, they sponsored a Father/Daughter date night that Michael and Sophie attended.  I love the idea of fostering these special relationships.  At the table, they even had starter questions and suggestions if you needed some help to get the conversation going.

I have no doubt that Brayden will remember our special date in the months to come.  I hope we can make this an annual event (until he gets too embarrassed to be seen with me…which I hope is never!!).

Take some time today to spend with your kiddos (or a loved one).  You don’t have to wait around until a big event comes up.  Go to the park, play ball in the yard, sit down and actually talk to your kids.  It’s the little things that really matter to them.  Time flies by at an alarming rate.  Make these minutes count!!


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