Happy Happy Happy

I love Duck Dynasty.  I’m not sure what it is about that show…is it the beards?  Is it watching old men in camo skin multiple animals on tv?  Maybe it’s watching Miss Kay cook.  Maybe it’s Uncle Si’s commentary.  Whatever it is, it makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!


Duck Dynasty is a show on A&E that has become wildly popular.  I have to say, I’m bummed that the new episodes don’t start until March.  Part of their success has been attributed to their family values and their faith in God.  They don’t apologize for their beliefs and they proclaim them as much as they can on national tv.

What makes you happy??  Today, we had snow at our house.  That made my kids and my hubby happy, happy, happy 🙂  Finding really cute projects on Pinterest, that makes me happy.  

Does mourning make you happy?  How about being hungry or thirsty?  Poor?  Being persecuted or insulted?  Sound like fun??  Didn’t think so.  Most people would say they would not find happiness in these things.

However, in Matthew 5:3-11, Jesus is preaching the Sermon on the Mount.  These are the Beatitudes.  Most translations say “Blessed are…”  Some change “blessed” to “happy”.  “Happy are the poor in spirit…happy are those who mourn…happy are the meek…happy are those who are persecuted.”  You get the picture. 

How can we be truly happy in those circumstances?  I mean, let’s be honest, no one wants to be persecuted.  That does not sound like my cup of tea.   But, we need to keep reading.

“Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in Heaven…”  Matthew 5:12.  

If we can endure the things on this earth, if we can just hang in there long enough and find happiness in what we’re about, our reward is great.  And, we’re not the only ones who have gone through this…

“…for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”  Matthew 5:12

That’s “the rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey used to say.  Others have gone through all of this before and made it.  How wonderful is that??  The Bible is chock full of great examples of faith.  By reading their stories, we can be encouraged that we can make it and survive.

So, next time someone asks you what makes you Happy Happy Happy, think about the beatitudes.  Can you truly say that they make you happy?


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