How To Make Your Own…Storage Bags!

Well, Christmas is over.  The major holidays are behind us, and if you’re like me, you’re assessing the damage.  What is it with toys that have multiple tiny pieces???  It’s a parent’s nightmare.  That, and toys that have blinking lights, noisy noises and battery drainers.

My daughter got the cutest Disney Princess Little People’s Castle from my parents for Christmas.  She loves that thing…I mean LOVES it.  It gets played with almost everyday.  Considering that she got it around Thanksgiving time, that’s pretty impressive.  Name one toy that your toddler has played with every day for almost two months!


The castle came with two princesses.  Sophie also got 7 other princesses that go with the castle.  My fear is that we’ll start losing princesses…one by one.  So, when I found this pin on Pinterest, I knew I HAD to make it…it was perfect to keep all of our princesses together!!

I have never sewn with vinyl.  Never worked with it.  I was scared.  But, I soldiered on and faced my fears.  You know what?  Not too bad…a little tricky at moments, but I made it through!!


The fabric I used to make the storage bag was left over from the pouf pillow I made Sophie for Christmas.  I found the vinyl in the remnant bin at Wal-Mart…$2.40 for 3/4 yard (you should see how much I have left!!!).  


This project took me about 1 1/2 hours (hard to gauge, because I stopped in the middle of the project).  I looked and looked for the drawstring clip that the tutorial calls for, but neither Wal-Mart or Michael’s had it.  So, I went with leftover ribbon I had from another project and just threaded it through the top and tied it in a bow.

I think this maybe cost me about $0.50 to make…seriously.  I used a fraction of the vinyl and used fabric scraps.  Now that I have one under my belt, I have big plans for these storage bags!  We are currently working on organizing/cleaning our nursery at the church building.  There are lots of blocks and other little pieces of toys that are just calling out for storage bags 🙂


Sophie loves her little bag.  While she was playing with it, I realized how easy it would be for her to grab it & take it with her to the babysitters or on a car trip.  Yay!!  

I hope you enjoyed this project!  Have a wonderful Saturday 🙂


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