Bad Hair Day

Now that Sophie is getting older, she has started getting more dolls as gifts.  You know…the kind with real (fake) hair.  No more painted on hair or yarn hair.

It’s great.  She can comb it…have me braid it…all the things I’d love to do with her hair that she won’t let me do.  The down side???


The “Tangled” mess you get with this kind of doll hair.  She got this for Christmas this year. Tangled is her favorite movie…I think she really connects with Rapunzel (since they both have long hair…and I think Sophie thinks she’s the lost princess too!).

So, the doll she’s had since Christmas.  That was Tuesday.  Today is Saturday.  Four days.  That’s how long it took to get this mess.


Luckily, a few months ago, I came across this pin on Pinterest and pinned it…anticipating a need for it in the future.

So, I already had the fabric softener.  I just needed a spray bottle and “wig brush”.  I went to my local beauty supply store.  They didn’t have a “wig brush”, but they did have a brush that had loops for bristles instead of balls or knobs at the end of the bristles.  I think whatever you can find is ok.  The loops or wig brush will probably go through the hair a little more smoothly than a regular brush.


So, I settled down with the spray bottle, Rapunzel and her hair brush.  It took me about 30 minutes to comb through the hair.  I took it a section at a time.  At one point, my hubby came home and made a cute comment and asked if I was having fun “playing with my dolly”.  Ha ha ha…

We did lose a little bit of hair in the process, but it wasn’t too much.  And, I can’t complain with the finished project…Image

After I took this pic, I decided to follow one of the suggestions from the blog & braid the hair.  That way, it will stay nicer for a little longer.  You can tell your little girl it’s like in the movie, when Rapunzel had her hair braided.  That seemed to work here 🙂

I do feel better, now that Rapunzel’s hair is back to normal now.  I also feel better knowing that in a few days, I can fix it again!

So, moms of little girls, don’t despair!!  You too can have your daughter’s dolls hair looking like it did brand new, out of the box!!


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