Gingerbread House Delight

Well, we missed a White Christmas by one day.  This is what we woke up to this morning 🙂


It’s a lovely mixture of snow/sleet/rain.  A great recipe for yuckiness!!  At the advice of my husband and the Weight Watchers receptionist, I canceled my meeting for this morning.  Let’s face it, I wasn’t going to have a lot of people show up anyway….it is, after all, the day after Christmas.  So, my WW peeps dodged a bullet & don’t have to weigh in until next Wednesday.

Since yesterday was Christmas and not much was open, we didn’t do a whole lot.  Well, we did the whole “Christmas” thing…open presents, watch Christmas movies, sat around in our pj’s all day.  Fun stuff.  There was one thing I wanted to do with the kids that I didn’t get to yesterday, so since we’re snowed/sleeted in, today seemed perfect.

I love the idea behind gingerbread houses.  However, I don’t like paying for the kit.  And, I don’t like baking gingerbread…so therein lies the problem.  Then, I found this pin on Pinterest.

Brilliant!  Use graham crackers instead of gingerbread.  Much easier, much cheaper, and you probably won’t break your tooth off trying to eat it later 🙂

For the royal icing, I used the Wilton recipe found here.  I have a tip/recommendation when making this.  If you don’t have a stand mixer, you might think about getting one before making the recipe…stop reading…go to the store…pick one up, then come home and make royal icing…trust me, you’ll thank me later!  The directions say to beat the sugar/water mixture for 7-10 minutes with a stand mixer or 10-12 minutes with a hand held mixer.  I took several cake decorating classes a few years ago & when we were working with royal icing, I believe a student actually burned up her hand held mixer while making the recipe.  If that’s all you have, and you still want to try it…you have been warned 🙂

As a cake decorator, I don’t usually use sandwich bags with the corner cut out to pipe my icing on, but in this case, I would.  It’s easy for the kids & once you’re done, you don’t have to mess with cleaning the tips and bags (my least favorite part).

I got the candy at my grocery store.  There’s a very scary aisle I avoid most of the time.  It has nuts on one side & candy on the other. It’s the kind that you measure out yourself and pay by the pound.  The nice thing is you get a variety of candy, you don’t have a lot left over and it won’t cost you an arm & a leg 🙂

So here are some action shots:


A few years ago, we tried making a gingerbread house & Brayden stuck with it for a few minutes and then lost interest.  This year, he was a lot more involved!!

ImageSophie was more interested in eating the decorations…


…so, under her “supervision”, I decorated the house for her!

ImageBrayden was very proud of his 🙂


It was hard, but I managed to keep him from eating his right away…wanted to let his Daddy see it when he got home.

This project was super easy, fast and a lot of fun.  We have candy, icing & graham crackers left over, so if the kids want to make another, we have plenty of supplies!  This may become one of our new holiday traditions!!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!


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