Don’t Forget To Say “Please” And “Thank You”

I hope everyone is having a happy Christmas Eve!!  We woke to rain/sleet/snow that has been off & on almost all day.  Kind of cold, wet, bleak, but the kids are excited because there was snow.  My daughter hasn’t figured out that we can’t make a snowman just yet…there has to be snow on the ground, not just falling from the sky 🙂

I’m a big fan of the Thank You card.  I’ve been sending them out for as long as I can remember.  Wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays, kids birthdays, etc.  It can get overwhelming to send them, and sometimes, the procrastinator in me comes out (ok…all the time).  It could be weeks or (yikes!) months before I get them sent out.  Then, of course, there is the challenge of making it personal.  “Thank you for the *fill in the blank*.  I can’t wait to use it/wear it/make it…we really appreciate your thoughtfulness”.  Kind of generic.  

I found this on Pinterest the other day.  I thought it looked interesting.  I have several photo apps already, but hey, this one was free & I could always delete it, right??

The thought behind this app is you can send thank you cards (or other types of cards) with a pic of the recipient playing with/using the gift. 

ImageThere are many templates to choose from.  You can pick ones that let you put multiple pics on the card, just one, or none at all.  Add your message and viola!  Instant Thank You card!

ImageLike I said, you can send more than just Thank You cards to people.

ImageOnce you have designed your card, you can send it multiple ways.  The only one I’ve used so far, is to text it to people.  You can actually mail the card to the person you’re thanking.  It cost $1.99 and it covers the card and postage.

Here’s a link to the App Store, so you can check out the app in more detail.  

There are several reasons I love this app.  #1, I’m probably going to send a pic of my kids playing with their new toys to the person who gave them the toy, so why not send a “Thank You” along with it?  #2, I love that it’s so instant!  #3 I love that there are free options to send the card.  A lot of apps that are similar to this, you have one option…order the card through them. #4 It’s free!!  My brother gives me a hard time about only getting free apps.  I know that most apps are $0.99, but if I can get it for free…even better!!

I thought this is a timely article…we’re all going to be getting lots of goodies, and we should remember to say “Thank You”…it’s just the nice way to be 🙂


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