Quiver Me Timbers

I’m writing this blog with a two part purpose.  I made a Christmas gift for my son, Brayden tonight.  Usually, when I’m sewing, I’m thinking about the person I’m sewing for.  So, naturally, my thoughts turned to my son and then turned to the horrible events that happened today in a small Connecticut elementary school.

I’ve been in and out of the house today & haven’t watched a lot of news, so some of you may know more details than I do.  All I know is something very devastating happened to some very young, innocent children and adults.  At this time, I haven’t heard a reason or motive for the shooter to do what he did, not that it would excuse what he did.

I can’t imagine, nor do I want to imagine, what the parents who lost their children are going through right now, or what they’ll go through in the days and weeks to come.  I can say, I definitely hugged my children a little, a lot more today and told them repeatedly that I love them.  We never know what tomorrow will bring (Proverbs 27:1).  Things like this really bring into the forefront of our minds what’s most important in our lives…the people who fill them!!

With that being said, I do want to share a project that I made tonight.  A while back, Brayden was given a bow and arrow set (practice arrows…no sharp tips!).  He really loves that thing!!  He will go outside and play with it for a really long time…even in the cooler weather.


This picture is brought to you through a really cool app I picked up for free at Starbucks a while back.  It’s called Halftone.  You can make your pics look like they’re in a comic book…perfect for the young (or old) guy in your life.  Here’s a link to it in the app store…

A while back, Brayden asked me if I could make him a quiver to hold his arrows in while he practiced.  I think this idea was half out of necessity & half from watching the Disney movie Brave.  So, I put him off & said “I don’t know…maybe”.  In my mind, I was really saying “That would be a perfect Christmas present!!”

So, I went on…you guessed it…Pinterest and found this pin.  Now, the quiver is pink, but you can make it any color you want.  I was amazed that the mom in the tutorial made over 20 of these for her daughter’s archery themed birthday party.  I couldn’t believe she went through all of that work, until I made one.  I literally made this in less than 1 hour…start to finish…including cutting the fabric out!!!


I found this amazing vinyl fabric at a local fabric store.  I got 1/2 a yard of the stuff (60 inches wide) because I wasn’t quite sure how much I needed.  I’d rather have too much than not enough.  The tutorial said you can get 4 out of 1/4 yard of fabric, but I was skeptical.  Well, I have a bunch left over.  I could make about 4 more if I wanted to!  I’m sure I’ll find a future Pinterest project that will call for vinyl :).

ImageThe hardest part of the whole project was hemming the top curvy edge of the quiver.  I just turned it down as I went and took it nice and slow.  It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but a 7 year old boy most likely won’t notice uneven stitching!

ImageThere’s really no good way to display the quiver until my son can try it on (in 11 days!!).  I know it looks kind of small with the arrows in it, but when you look at it in person, you can really tell that it’s plenty big for a kid and his practice bow & arrow set.

I was very pleased with how quickly this turned out.  Less than 1 hour to make a Christmas present…not too shabby.  Now I understand how the mom in the tutorial could make 20+ and not go crazy!!  The price was right on this project too.  The fabric…all 1/2 yards of it cost me $5.  I estimate the part I used probably would be about $1 worth.  The straps were a little over $2.  The buckle was the most expensive part of the project…$3.50.

I can imagine the hours of fun that this little quiver will bring my son.  If it gets torn up or dirty, I am confident to know that about 1 hour later, I can have a replacement!!  Hooray for instant gratification!!!!!

Have a wonderful evening.  Hold you kids and spouses a little longer.  Love on them more in the upcoming days.  Enjoy every moment you have with them!


2 thoughts on “Quiver Me Timbers

  1. Awesome! It’s great to have some ideas on how kids can get into archery without having to spend a fortune on equipment. Kudos on your creativity, your resourcefulness, and your support of your son’s interest in archery!!

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