One Last Project

I have been staying at home for the past couple of days with a sick little boy :(.  My son, Brayden has had that yucky cough & fever that has been going around.  Right now, he is not running a fever…just coughing.  I hate it when he’s sick.  He’s not his usual silly self.  I’m hoping he’ll be back to normal in a day or two…and I hope the rest of us don’t get it!!

So, I have one last Christmas gift project that I made.  This one went to several friends and family members.  I found it a while back, which is good, because I had to collect many light bulbs.

Here’s a side note about light bulbs.  I am not a fan of the squiggly light bulbs (I don’t remember what they’re called, but you know what I mean…).  I don’t like that they cost more, a lot more, double what a regular light bulb cost.  Plus, I’m not too thrilled with what you have to do if one breaks.  Yes, I realize that they’re supposed to last longer, in theory save you money on your electric bill, etc.  Still…not a fan…plus, if you used the squiggly light bulbs, you couldn’t make this cute project!!

ImageThe link that I provided just sends you to a Flickr page.  There is no tutorial, but you really don’t need one.  A picture is worth one thousand words after all!!

I made 20 of these…well, 21 (I dropped one…good thing it wasn’t a squiggly light bulb…).  I basically just did them all at once.  I used acrylic paint and applied it with a sponge brush.  Each color had to have 2 coats on them.  I painted the white belly first…then covered what I didn’t paint with black.  You need to let them dry in between coats.  Don’t worry…if you’re impatient like me, the paint dries pretty fast!

After I painted them, I used some sharpie markers and drew the faces.  I used some of the white acrylic paint and put a couple of dots on the eyes.  You wouldn’t think it would make a big difference, but it does.


I used my trusty glue gun and hot glued ribbon to the tops for hangers.  I suppose you could cover the metal top of the penguin, but I like the look it had…plus, that was just one other step I’d have to do 🙂


To make them a little more personal, I used a paint pen and wrote everyone’s last name on the back.  After that dried, I used some of the left over spray sealant (see “Candy Makes It Better!!) to seal the penguins (the paint easily chips off of the light bulbs).  After that dries, you’re done!

This seems like a lot of steps, but it goes pretty quickly.  I knocked a lot of them out in one evening.  My kitchen counter looked like “Happy Feet” took over!!

I have also seen ornaments made to look like reindeer and Santa.  You can get really creative and create a sweet gift for a loved one.  These would also make great gifts if you need to make a lot for your kids classmates or you have a lot of teachers gifts to give.

The costs for this project are very low.  Started collecting light bulbs (ask your neighbors!!).  The paint and brushes are super cheap!  Catch your local craft store when the ribbon is on sale & you can make each ornament for pennies!!

This is my last Christmas project I have to blog about.  I have several more projects waiting in the wings.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with myself!!!  I guess I’ll just have to get busy pinning things on Pinterest!!

Happy weekend 🙂


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