Pouches…They’re Not Just For Kangaroos!

So, in the past two days, I’ve made two pouf chairs (see yesterday’s article) and three pouches.  Luckily, my almost 50 year old White sewing machine (which isn’t white…it’s kind of a teal color) is holding up just fine :).  When they say “they don’t make them like they used to” (who are they, by the way??), they are right!!

So, I love bags, pouches, bags you put in bags.  Small bags, medium sized bags, large bags, you name it…I love them!!  A couple of my good friends sell Thirty One.  If you haven’t experienced them, they make super cute bags, purses, totes, etc.  In theory, I should be very organized, with all of the totes I have from them…oh well.

So, in my thinking, if I love bags, totes, etc so much, I bet my friends and family will love them too!  I found this tutorial on Pinterst a while back, and got busy!

First, I had to conquer my fear of zippers.  I don’t fear zippers on clothing or anything.  I’ve just never sewed one on anything…ever.  I checked out some tutorials.  As always, my mother-in-law pointed me in the direction of YouTube.  After doing some R&D, I felt very confident, like I could probably do it.  After all, I don’t have a seam ripper for nothin’!


This was my first pouch.  I made it for my sweet sister-in-law.  I loved the fabric when I saw it at the store…I just had to invent a reason to buy it.


Another tricky skill I had to overcome…lining.  Not as difficult as you might think!!  I also made smaller pouches for my mom and mother-in-law, to match their Kindle covers.  I like the tutorial because she gives you measurements for 3 different sizes.



I used the soda can as a point of reference for the size of the pouch.  The two I made for my moms were the middle size.

After seeing me make several pouches, my son has asked me several times if I would make him one.  I honestly don’t know what an almost 8 year old boy will do with one, but I thought that might make a nice gift for Christmas.  Of course, his is very manly!


I’m an equal opportunity parent, so Sophie is also getting one.  She has a doll that has little clothes that snap on and off…kind of a modern twist on the old paper doll.  I thought this would be a nice place to keep all of her dolls outfits.

ImageWhile trying to figure out what to get Brayden’s teacher for Christmas, I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest.  This pin took me to an Etsy store.  I wasn’t interested so much in the bags, but the material they’re made out of.  I thought it would be pretty easy to recreate.  I used a canvas type material for the top part of the pouch.  I just drew lines on the fabric (using a piece of paper as inspiration!).  Then, I used red thread to sew the vertical line & blue thread to sew the horizontal lines.  I was feeling lazy & didn’t even change the bobbin thread!  I found some cute, teacher-y type fabric at Wal-Mart & viola…



I’m finding out that I’m an instant gratification gal when it comes to sewing.  I love the projects that I can knock out in a couple of hours.  I made the teacher pouch & the ones for the kiddos all yesterday.  Including cutting the fabric, it took me a little over 2 hours to make the pouches for the kids.  Yay!!!

The pouches use very little fabric as well, which makes them easy on the wallet.  You get a very professional looking bag for little dinero.  The tutorial is well written and easy to follow.  I love the tutorials with good instructions AND good pictures.  Helps me out a lot!!!

I hope you enjoy making these bags.  I now have orders for some camo ones for my hubby.  He wants to hang them on his tree stand, so he can keep all of his accessories handy while up in the trees :).  


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