Candy Makes It Better!!

I’m sitting here on the couch, getting in the Christmas spirit (although the tree is still not up), watching the Duck Dynasty Christmas special.  I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.  Normally, I barely get our Christmas cards in the mail before Christmas Day.  It seems I always run a little behind when making gifts for my friends.  For some reason, unknown to me, I am ahead of schedule.  No one is more surprised than me!!

I found the cutest project to make some friends for Christmas.  I found the project here.  Of course, it was on Pinterest!

Now, I have to admit, it was not too easy finding terra cotta pots in November/December.  Luckily, Michael’s saved the day!  I looked all over town for the bubble bowls.  I ended up finding the nicest bowls at…drum roll please…the Dollar Tree!  Go figure.


It takes about 2 coats of paint to cover the pots and saucers.  A word to the wise…be careful with them until you spray the glossy sealant on them…the paint chips off very easily.  Not only will the sealant keep the paint from chipping off, it gives it a very nice sheen and makes it look professional!!


I filled my gumball/candy dishes with varieties of Hershey’s Kisses.  For one dear friend, I searched all over town for the Weight Watchers chocolates, made by Whitman’s.  She’s a member at my WW meeting, and I wanted to provide some Points friendly candies (I did add some other candy for her hubby, who is not on the program!).

ImageSomeone asked me how I had time to do this craft, and honestly, it didn’t take a lot of time.  The pots are easy & quick to paint.  I set up an assembly line and did everything at once.

One thing I love about this craft…once the holidays are over, the recipients can remove the bow, add more candy and enjoy it year round!  The only thing I regret about this project…I didn’t make one for myself!!


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