You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Here is another DIY gift idea for Christmas.  This is for the eReader in your family.  Last year, on Black Friday, my mom & dad got themselves a Kindle.  They ran across a great deal & picked up a couple.  I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday also.  I really love it!!  My hubby has not crossed over to the dark side.  He loves the feel of a book in his hand.  The smell of it as you open it up.  The sound the pages make as you turn them.

I’m not against books.  However, when we go on trips, I don’t have room to tote around all of my kids stuff PLUS 3 or 4 books that I want to read.  That’s the beauty of a Kindle (or Nook or iPad).  You can take thousands of books with you and read them at any time.

The downside of a Kindle or other eReader, is that you pay a lot of money for them, and in return, you want to take care of them.  The protective covers are a dime a dozen.  You can find them anywhere.  The problem is, the don’t really cost a dime.  You feel like you’ve gotten a great deal if you can find it under $20.

Thank goodness for Pinterest.  The tutorials for making your own cover for your eReader are also a dime a dozen on it.  This is where I got gift ideas for my mom, dad, mother-in-law and father-in-law.  All proud owners of some variety of Kindle.

I got the idea for my mom & mother-in-law’s Kindle cover here.  (Thanks to my little brother for helping me put my links up in a neater fashion!!).

Each cover was made in the same style, I just picked out fabric that fit each mother’s style.



My mom loves purple & green together.  I thought the plaid in the ruffle complimented the floral print that was the main part of the cover.

IMG_2033                                        IMG_2035


My mother-in-law’s was made with what I consider a more Victorian style print for the main cover.  Her favorite color is yellow and I loved the color combination with the green and reds.

I did something with this project that I’ve never done before & I love…I covered my own buttons.  Super easy…super cheap…and super cute!!!

For the Dads…floral and ruffles just wasn’t going to work, so I found this pin…

For this cover, you simply take an old book and cut away the pages from the spine (my hubby hated this part!).  For the books, I went to a thrift store and then visited my hubby’s library :).  Both dads are ministers, so I found two books that were commentaries…very appropriate!!

ImageHere’s my dad, reading a “book”.  Here’s what you can’t see…


ImageHere’s my father-in-law doing a wonderful Vanna White impression 🙂

Image   All in all, the Kindle covers were a hit!!  I’m happy to say, I feel confident that these gifts will be enjoyed year round.

These are nice gifts that you can knock out in a few hours with very little invested in materials (sorry guys…I was cheap this year!!).  The important thing is that your loved ones know you were thinking of them while making these gifts…it’s a labor of love!!

Happy Friday!!!


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