Fear The Beard!!

Well, my family is on our way home from a very quick Oklahoma Thanksmas.  We had a great time and got to see a lot of family members…some for the very first time.  But, like all things, it must come to an end and we go back to the “real world”.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we do Thanksgiving & Christmas together, because the weather is somewhat predictable.  This year was no exception.  We had great weather in Oklahoma…most of the time it was warm.  A couple of days, I even went around with a short sleeved shirt on and no jacket.  Remember people…it’s November!!

A few months ago, I sent my very crafty & talented mom-in-law this pin:


Sorry for the long link….had no idea it was that long!!

Anyway, I do not knit.  I do not crochet.  Not for lack of trying.  My mom-in-law tried to teach me (in a very short amount of time, I have to say) and it was no use.  I felt like my fingers were going to get tied in knots, instead of the yarn.  So, when I see a cute knitting/crocheting project, I defer to her 🙂

She came up with this cute, adorable gift for my son AND hubby!!

ImageSince the link I found on Pinterest is to an Etsy shop (and I’m sure if you or someone you know doesn’t knit, you can order one instead), my MIL had to do some research and she found the pattern for the beard here:


For the men’s hat pattern, she used this website:


Now, for the kids hat pattern, she started explaining that she cast on 80 stitches and knit one pearl one, etc…I think when she saw my eyes glazing over (she might as well have been speaking French), she said “Well, you can pretty much adapt any hat pattern to work with this”.

One thing she did change from the original pattern…she made it to where you attached the beard to the hat using buttons on the inside of the hat.  This way, the person wearing the hat can adjust the beard.  I thought that was genius.

Now, I asked her how much time she put into it and if it would be for beginners/intermediate/pro…since I have no way to gauge these things.  She said it was hard to tell the time put into it, because she did a little here and there, but estimates about 6 hours.  As for skill level, she said the beard was easy, but it would just depend on what kind of hat pattern you used.

So there you have it.  The world’s cutest knitted hat.  My son loves Duck Dynasty, and yesterday put his hat on so he could watch the show :).  I think my hubby is even thrilled with his hat…might make a good one to wear while hunting!!  Watch out deer!  Fear the beard!!!!!


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