There’s An App (Magnet) For That!!

While trying to figure out what to get the men in my life, I hit a snag.  I had no problems picking out things for my mother, grandmother, sisters-in-law, etc.  The women are no problem to buy for.  Maybe that’s because I’m a woman too…whatever the reason, I think we could all agree that men are hard to gift for.

My brother is especially hard to buy for.  He’s into Apple products.  He has the iPhone 5, two iPads, an iPad Mini, Apple TV, etc.  Even if I could afford one of those to give him, he already has it all.  I had a conundrum.  What do I get the techy who has everything??

While on Pinterest one day, I ran across this pin:

This has great gift ideas for the men in your life.  While perusing the list, I stumbled across this jewel:

Perfect!!  My brother develops iPhone/iPad apps (see and thought I could check with my sis-in-law and see which apps he uses/likes the most.  Then, I got a brilliant idea…why not use the apps that HE has developed???  Genius 🙂

I ended up with these:ImageMost of the apps had a significant reason why I used them.  Some, I thought, just looked cool!!!  I think they were a big hit with him.  After opening them, he immediately took this picture and added it to Facebook 🙂

One word of caution.  The tutorial doesn’t say this (well, I don’t think it does…maybe it did & I just missed it), but you will want to print your pictures off on a laser printer.  I learned the hard way that ink jet printed pictures will just bleed after you put the Dimensional Magic on it.  

I love this project.  As he develops more and more apps, I’ll be able to add to his collection.  For my parents, my grandmother and my in-laws, I used pics of the kids and made them a set of magnets too.  They turned out pretty cute…of course, the subjects made the project!!

This is a quick, easy, and fairly inexpensive gift to make that can hold a lot of meaning.

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!














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