Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

I have been working on some Christmas gifts recently & have been dying to blog about them. However, most of the people I’m making them for also read my blog, so therein lies the problem.

Luckily, my almost 3 year old nephew hasn’t started following me yet, so I can show you guys what I made him for Christmas 🙂 Of course, I got the idea off of Pinterest!!

As I have stated in earlier blogs, I’m very limited on fabric stores. Where I live, we have Wal-Mart, and…um…oh wait…Wal-Mart! If I want to travel to the closest larger town, (it’s only about 30 minutes away), I could go to JoAnn’s. But, so far, Wal-Mart has been adequate.

When I read the list of materials, I was puzzled by “duck cloth”. Huh??? This sewing newbie had never heard of duck cloth, so I googled it (where would we be without google?). Basically, it’s canvas. Why couldn’t they just say that??

So, I trucked it on over to my local Wally World and saddled up to the fabric counter. I found the felt, and canvas, but wasn’t happy with their denim fabric. I guess I could have used my hubby’s old jeans, but I decided to check out my local Goodwill store (next door to Wal-Mart), for jeans. I found the perfect pair and paid only $4!

I got home and started cutting up my jeans. Turns out, I only needed one leg, so I have enough fabric from the jeans and canvas to make another car caddy!! Woo hoo!! I know a sweet little boy who this will be perfect for as well 🙂

This project had two new challenges for me. #1, I have never appliqued anything…ever…in my life. I looked up a YouTube video on it, and it didn’t look too difficult, so I felt pretty good about that. #2, I have never used piping. It didn’t look too challenging either, so I dove into the project.


The first half went great!! I was super excited to make this, and sometimes when I get super excited, I tend to speed through a project and end up making a dumb mistake. I showed great restraint today and reeled in my excitement 🙂

I have discovered a new & wonderful craft tool. Freezer paper. How have I never heard of this before??? This is the stuff you buy right next to aluminum foil and zip lock baggies in the supermarket. It has a regular paper side and a slick, waxy side…normally used to wrap meat. However, if you iron the waxy side down on something it sticks…making wonderful stencils! I asked my mother-in-law if she had ever used it & she casually said “Oh yeah…it’s been around forever!”

So, I changed up a couple of things in this project. Instead of stenciling the numbers on the pockets, I stenciled in my nephew’s name. The other thing I changed up is the closure. Oddly enough, neither Wal-Mart nor Michael’s sells belting. Instead, I used velcro and secured it to the denim side. It works ok…I’m not too thrilled about that part, but it does the job.


After you have sewn the sides together and have turned it inside out, the directions say to topstitch around the whole thing. Be careful here. The material is very thick & I broke 2 needles while doing this. There’s nothing more frustrating that going along and suddenly BAM! Broken needle (not to mention kind of dangerous).

ImageI immediately had to scrounge around to find some of my son’s Hotwheels cars :). I wish I had found this when he was a little younger. He would have had a blast!

ImageI love how it folds up into a nice small pouch. It makes a perfect quiet toy for church or even long car rides.

With the material I bought, I have enough for at least 1 more car caddy. If you have old jeans laying around, this is a great project to repurpose them. All in all, I estimate the project cost about $4 (of course, it will be less if you use your own jeans). It’s probably less than this, because the felt was super cheap & I didn’t use a whole sheet of either color. It took me about 3 hours or so to whip together. Hard to estimate that because I did a little here and there & some of it was while the kids were awake, so there was a lot of stop & go.

Maybe you have a little guy in your life who would love one of these…I think it will make a great birthday, Christmas, or “just because” gift 🙂

Happy weekend!!!

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