Diamond Diggers

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  I did a quick update to a blog I did earlier, but that’s been about it.  I have good reasons…other than being a busy mommy, I have been gearing up for a trip to Oklahoma.

We call it “Thanksmas”.  We travel to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving because predicting the weather in November is a little safer than predicting it in December.  We visit family & celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with them at once.  It gets a little crazy, but we have a great time.

Traveling with two kids can be…challenging.  It’s a 1,200 mile trip one way.  That’s at least 2 days in the car.  I have to say my kids are troopers!  We left Virginia around 5:30 a.m. and drove until we could drive no further & actually made it to Little Rock!!  17 hours in the car in one day.  My parents place is roughly 5 1/2 or so hours away from there, so we felt pretty good about the next day’s trip.

One thing we’ve always wanted to do, but have never had the chance while driving through, is to stop by Murfreesboro, AR.  Why??  Murfreesboro is at the corner of No & Where.  Well, that’s where you’ll find the Crater of Diamond State Park.  This is a unique state park.  They actually allow you to dig holes and find diamonds!!  Anything you find, you can take…up to a 5 gallon bucket.


So, we decided since we had a “short” trip the next day (hey… 5 1/2 hours is nothing compared to 17) and see if we could find a fortune and dig for some diamonds.

ImageSo, we rented a shovel and screens and plopped the kids down on the dirt and got to work.  As you can see, we had a nice, bright sunny day!

ImageWe dug…

ImageLoaded up the screens…

ImageAnd started sluicing…

ImageHere is some of our finds.  Someone played a cruel joke by leaving a diamond looking sequin in the dirt.  Shame on them!!


While we didn’t find the world’s biggest diamond, we did have a great time!!!  I think the kids were excited that I was letting them get dirty…doesn’t happen a lot :).  

The park had really nice facilities.  I was very impressed with how clean it was.  When you purchased your tickets, there was a small museum that talked about the park and what un-cut diamonds look like.  They had information on some of the larger diamonds found at the park (I think the largest one was about 40 carats!).  The employees were very friendly and they had a great demonstration on how to dig and process the dirt, plus some interesting facts and stories about the diamonds that are found there.

So…if you’re ever driving through Arkansas, you might want to think about stopping in for a little bit at the Crater of Diamonds State Park.  Who knows…maybe you’ll get lucky and find the next big diamond!!!!


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