Photo Booth

Phew…I’m tired!!  Today, our congregation hosted it’s 40th Annual Ladies Day.  We had singing, scripture reading, speakers…it was wonderful!!  For months, we have been working and planning this event.  It is one that many of our ladies look forward to each year.

I’ll share in another blog all the things we did…our theme, our speakers, etc.  Today, I want to share with you something fun we did…completely silly and entertaining.  It’s something that you could easily add to your event or party.

The big rage right now at weddings and parties is a Photo Booth.  What is a photo booth???  Well, it’s pretty simple.  You find a blank wall, maybe hang up a sheet, grab some of your kids toys for props and grab your camera.  People have the opportunity to be creative and take silly pictures to commemorate the event.

One thing I learned about grown women…we still love to play dress up!!!  I had a blast taking pictures of women relax and be silly for a moment.  Here are some of our pics 🙂








As you can see, some of the more popular items were the wigs, boas, and hats/tiaras.  The larger the prop, the sillier the pic.  You can find a lot of these items at a dollar store, but if you look deep in the recesses of your kids toy boxes, I’m sure you’ll find all you need!  

My plan is to upload these pics (and many more) to a website where those who attended our Ladies Day can go view the pics and print them off if they’d like.

So, for your next party, think about a Photo Booth.  Loads of fun & inexpensive…it can add a lot to your event and create great memories for your guests.  Of course, check out Pinterest for prop ideas!!


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