Color Outside The Lines

I have another Christmas gift craft blog!!  Yay!  Two more gifts down, many to go.  I’m feeling pretty good about the situation.  In my family, between the middle of November and right before Christmas, there are 8 birthdays!!  All of my nieces and nephews, my mother, my mother-in-law, hubby and grandmother.  I’m not sure who planned this, but we should have spaced them out!!  Oh well 🙂

Of course, I got this idea off of Pinterest.  Here’s the link:

I made two of these crayon caddy’s for my niece and nephew (almost 1 year old & almost 3 years old).  I thought they would be nice for them to take on trips or to church…nice & quiet toys.  No batteries required!!

ImageThis is the outside of my niece’s crayon caddy.  They fold up and will fit nicely into a diaper bag…or if you’re me…a purse.

ImageThe top will house crayons (about 8-9) and the bottom will hold a small coloring book and some stickers or other papers.  

ImageHere’s the nephew’s crayon caddy 🙂

ImageOf course, I will be replacing the markers for crayons.  The only crayons I could find were my daughter’s and they were the fatter crayons and won’t fit into the pockets.

I love, love, love this tutorial!!!!  I was well written and the pictures corresponded very nicely with the directions.  I cut out material for both of the crayon caddy’s one day…which took me about 1 1/2 hours (I’m a slow cutter!).  I sewed on caddy last night and it took me about 1 1/2 hours.  I sewed the second one this afternoon and it took me less time than the first!  

The cost for me was minimal (my sister-in-law should skip this part…I don’t want her to know how cheap I am!!).  I used scrap material from other projects and only had to buy the fusible interfacing, which ran me less than $1/caddy.  I will pick up crayons and coloring books to fill them and they’ll be ready to go!

I love finishing a project like this.  It was so much fun to make and super easy.  I would say that it would be a great project for a novice sewer and could be done for a last minute gift.

I believe this is my last Christmas gift post until after I give them 😦  The rest of the gifts are for people who can actually read…

Happy Wednesday!!


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