A Tutu For You

Political season is in full swing.  The radio and television stations are buzzing.  I see bumper stickers and yard signs all over the place.  Fear not…in about 3 weeks, it will all be behind us.

So, while watching the 2nd Presidential debate, I decided to be productive.  For Halloween, Sophie is going to be Rapunzel.  It was really a no brainer…Tangled is one of her favorite movies.  Her hair is really long and she has a stuffed Pascal (the chameleon) toy.  She even has a crown.  All she needed was a pink and purple tutu.

A while ago….about the time I started looking on getting hooked on Pinterest, I pinned a tutorial on how to make a tutu.  Here’s the link:


I actually started following this blog soon after I pinned the instructions.  The lady writing it has 2 kids…a boy and a girl.  It appears she lives in Florida…and if her pictures are correct…right on the beach!  Jealous much??  Anyway, she has some really neat ideas and projects.

I found pink & purple tulle at my local Wally World (yay!) and started cutting.  In the tutorial, there are instructions for cutting the strips of tulle so that they’re all the same length.  It’s very handy!  

I had measured Sophie’s waist last night and followed the directions in the tutorial.  I don’t know if I measured her wrong or if maybe I stretched the elastic out too much and add length to the tutu, but when it was all said and done, the tutu was about 3 inches too big around.

ImageHere’s how it turned out last night, before Sophie tried it on.  To make it smaller around, all I did was remove the tulle strips, pinch the elastic together and sewed it together (does that make sense?).  I figured this way she can wear it a little longer.  I can always go in later and let it out.  I kept the tulle strips that I took off, so I can add them later (how smart of me!).

ImageThis will not be the shirt she will wear with the tutu.  As soon as she got the tutu on, Sophie immediately asked for her crown, or trown, as she pronounces it.  She has this princess thing down!!

The title of the project is quick & simple tutu, and I have to agree!!  I started the project at the beginning of the Presidential debate and finished it as the debate was wrapping up.  Keep in mind, I had to cut the tulle, which took up a lot of my time.  The tulle I got from Wal-Mart was on the bolt.  You can buy narrower pieces on a spool at other craft stores, but they didn’t have any in the colors I wanted…and I have to do things the hard way.  I had to put in a little extra work….all worth it though 🙂

For this particular tutu, I got 3 yards of each color and I had just enough.  I would estimate the cost to be about $6.50.  I already had the elastic from another project, so I didn’t have to buy that.  When you compare this to other tutu’s out there, it’s really a bargain!!!  Plus, this is something she can use while playing dress up later on.

So, channel your inner “Princess” and give this simple and easy tutu a try!!!  Happy Haunting 🙂


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