Here’s Pink In Your Eye

I’ve been pondering for the past few days about what to write next. My last article was pretty heavy, so I thought something light hearted was in order. Problem is, I’ve been swamped the last few days weeks and really had no idea what to talk about. Leave it to my kids to provide a topic.

This article comes courtesy of my daughter, Sophie. Tuesday, she woke up with a puffy eye. The other one looked normal, but the right eyelid was irritated, red and swollen. As the day went on, the swelling went down and it just remained red. Two thoughts went through my mind. #1, she may have scratched it during the night, or maybe she and her Bubba were playing a little too roughly on Monday and it got bumped then. #2, the farmers in our area have been cutting down their dry corn plants to harvest the seeds. This causes a lot of dust to be in the air. Plus, we’ve had a cold snap, so I thought she possibly had some allergy problems.

Well, today, the eye was still red and swollen, so I decided to call the doctors office & I got her an appointment after my Weight Watchers meetings. In the meantime, a dear friend (with 2 little boys age 3 & under) babysat for me.

Taking Sophie to the doctor is trying not fun torture. Even if she is just getting a check up…with no shots…she starts screaming the moment the nurse calls us back…no joke. I barely got her to stand on the scales to get her weight (but hey, what woman likes to stand on scales????). Then, the temperature had to be taken. They don’t even stick anything in her ear or mouth…they run a thing across her forehead. When the doctor came in, the fun REALLY started. He tried to listen to her lungs with the stethoscope, but he could tell by the screaming that her lungs were just fine. I had to hold her down while he looked in her eyes and ears. You would be amazed at the raw strength that came from my petite daughter!

Thankfully, the doc was very fast in his exam. Once he pulled her eyelids down, he saw that they were irritated a bit…the verdict?? Pink eye. Oy! Somehow, this was a childhood illness Brayden had escaped. Not Sophie though. The good news?? She was in the beginning stages. The best news?? The antibiotic eye drops that we have to use to treat it was free!!!

So, after I got home, my hubby and I administered the first eye drops. Think the episode of Friends where Monica had to put the eye drops in Rachel’s eyes…only a 3 year old…with Incredible Hulk strength and an almost Houdini-like ability to get out of a hold.

While dinner was cooking, I decided to peruse Pinterest. I have decided I need a new board titled “Where were you 5 minutes ago?” because I found this pin:

Seriously…pinned by a friend of mine from Oklahoma…probably not 2 or 3 hours earlier. So, I checked it out. Pink eye is very contagious, so chances of myself, hubby or son getting it are pretty high. While I am not a doctor, and neither is the lady writing the blog (like my disclaimer??) she does have some interesting remedies.

Remember my friend with the two boys who babysat today?? Yeah…called her to notify her of our “predicament” and then realized that the one toy Sophie took to their house…her binoculars…yep…of all her toys to take…she took the one that goes right up to your eye.

So, the Princess and I are staying home tonight…washing our hands a lot, which is great because that’s one of her most favorite things to do right now. I’m sure this too shall pass, but until then, I bet I’ll get really good at giving eye drops to a wiggly 3 year old :)href=””&gt;;;<;img src="

20121010-213025.jpg Here’s a little pre-eye drop pose…the calm before the storm!!


One thought on “Here’s Pink In Your Eye

  1. Sorry to hear that Sophia has pink eye !!! I will gladly trade places with you – eye drops versus cleaning up puke!! Hang in there!!!

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