Bullet Pen Mania

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I had to look ahead on my Weather Channel app and found out very disappointing news…our high on Sunday is only 48!!  Brrrrrr!!!!  Not ready for that yet 🙂

In my Weight Watchers meeting last week, we talked about doing an eight week challenge.  Why eight weeks, you ask???  Because that’s how long it is until Thanksgiving (last week).  You should have heard the collective gasps as I pointed that fact out.  Of course, everyone did the math.  8 weeks until Thanksgiving means 12 weeks until Christmas!!!  Now, keep in mind, that was last week.  We’re down to 7 & 11 weeks respectively.

We always visit family during Thanksgiving & celebrate both holidays at once.  We call it “Thanksmas”.  We go early because we figure the weather’s a little better in November than it is in December (in theory) and we can travel easier.  That means, however, that I have to get my Christmas gifts a whole month earlier than everyone else.  Now, if you take into consideration that between the months of November and December, my family has 8 birthdays, that means I have have to get creative with my gifts.  ALL of my nieces and nephews birthdays are in these months (thanks guys!).  Nothing like getting things over with all at once!

In my opinion, girls/women are easy to buy for.  Maybe that’s because I am one.  I know what they like, and what they don’t like.  Guys are harder to shop for.  Some of the men in my family are into woodworking, hunting, camping, hiking etc.  Others are into gadgets, electronics and tech-y stuff…all of which I have a very limited knowledge.

One of the nice things about blogging, is that you can promote whoever you want…even family members (like my brother, Tyler’s, iPhone app developing website, www.316apps.com…you’re welcome Tyler!).  Recently, my hubby has tapped into a great gift idea for guys.

It all started several years ago.  He got into a new hobby.  We call it the “old man” hobby, because most of the people doing it are sweet old grandpa type men.  I’m talking about pen turning.  You take a lathe, a piece of wood or acryllic, some chisels, and before you know it, you have a cool pen.  You can get all kinds of kits to make other really cool things too.  

Recently, he started making “bullet pens”.  These pens are recreated to mimic different types of bullets (all of which I know nothing about).  One pen is actually made out of a bullet (that has been fired, of course!).

ImageThis is 50 caliber pen…made out of a previously fired bullet shell.  It’s pretty massive.  The camo part is what my hubby turns.

So, one night, he made this pen…

Image…and posted a pic on Facebook.  He wasn’t advertising or anything…just showing his friends what he did.  Well, what happened next was amazing!  Suddenly, his friends starting asking how they could get a pen like that…if he would make one…how much he would charge!

What we discovered was that they were ordering them as gifts for the men in their lives!  They are very manly looking, aren’t they?? Plus, it’s great timing…close to Christmas and close to the start of hunting season (which starts tomorrow in Virginia….I’m embarrassed that I know that!)


This pen is a little different…it’s a shock absorber pen.  Great for the car enthusiast!!

ImageThe pens even work great for women…huntresses, as I call them.  This one is actually mine!  It is a bolt-action pen (the bolt-action actually extends the ink tip). I thought Michael was going to fall out of his chair when I told him I wanted a bullet pen :).  I insisted on the pink camo though!!!!

As far as pens go, they are very high quality. They write very smoothly and the hand craftsmanship is wonderful (if I do say so myself!)  If you’re not a gun enthusiast, there are other styles…but the bullet pens are very popular though, especially for men.

If this looks like something you might be interested in, please leave me a comment with your e-mail address and we’ll get in touch.  We take payments only through PayPal and ship to the US only.  

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


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