There’s An App For…Me!!!!

Do not adjust your computers!!!  My blog is going through some changes.  First of all, I have changed the name of the blog to Mommy Matters.  I did this for a couple of reasons.  #1, the blog has become a lot more than just Pinterest related articles.  I felt like changing the name up would allow me to be a little broader on my topics.  #2, my little brother made an app for my blog!!!!!!!

I feel like it’s Christmas today!  I got a text from him this evening that the app was finally in the App Store!!!!  Here’s the link for it:

Hopefully that will work.  It wasn’t showing up in the “search” area earlier, but this should get you there.  So, why should you download the app??

ImageWell, you will get notifications whenever I write a new article.  I had to learn how to do “push notifications”.  Sounds pretty impressive & tech-y right??  Turns out…not too difficult 🙂

You can go back and read past articles very easily.  There is also a daily verse tab that you can click on the get a little inspiration every day.



And, the app is FREE!!!!  So, why not go ahead and download it???  It is only available for the iPhone…sorry Android readers :(.  My brother only develops for Apple.

ImageIf you’re in the market for an app for your blog, or maybe your business or church, check out my brother’s website:

You can also check out the apps he’s developed so far by searching under his name “Tyler Brassfield” in the App Store.  He does great work (maybe I’m biased) & he’s very reasonable in his pricing.  

So, I hope you all enjoy using the app.  I look forward to writing many more articles for “Mommy Matters”!!!  


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