The Great American Pastime

Well, when it rains, it pours…two blogs in one day.  I couldn’t wait to share this one though, plus I may not have time to do it tomorrow.

Brayden is playing Fall Ball.  I had no idea there was “fall ball”, but there is.  Our coach’s son has played ball in the spring, summer and now fall.  That means, that he spends 5 months out of the entire year not sitting in a dugout!  Now that’s dedication!!!

Brayden loves playing baseball.  I get really nervous when he goes up to bat.  He’s amazing though.  When he hits the ball & gets on base, he’s super excited!!  If he strikes out or gets thrown out before he gets to first base…he’s super excited!!  That’s just his personality.


We’ve been slowly changing his room decor from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which for some reason, he has outgrown) to a more grow up and generic Baseball theme.  My grandma made him a lovely quilt and matching curtains.  We have proudly displayed his trophies on a shelf.  I added one more touch today…to his door.

I found this and several variations of the project on Pinterest.  I’ll post the link to the actual one I used.  Here it is:

Thanks to a friend, whose boys are into baseball as well, I got some old baseballs donated for this project!!  Yay!!  Thanks Heather, if you’re reading this 🙂

ImageSo, I grabbed my hubby’s trusty drill and my bag of baseballs.  The Cracker Jack box was left by my son, but I thought it went well with the theme, so it made the pic 🙂  I used a 1/4 inch drill bit, like the tutorial says to use.  At first, I started with smaller bits, but quickly found that the 1/4 inch bit worked the best…imagine that…the instructions were right!

Now, I had problems in the beginning drilling the balls, because the bit doesn’t go through the entire ball… it’s just not that long.  I had trouble getting the two holes to meet each other in the middle…here’s the ball I tried on first…

ImageAs you can see…many holes on many sides.  After getting really frustrated, I noticed that as I was drilling one side, the opposite side had a little bulge on it, where the drill bit was almost coming through.  Once I figured that out, I would put my finger on the bulge and then turn the ball over and drill there.  Things went much better after that!

ImageSee the bulge??  That’s where you want to drill from the other side.

I drilled about 12 balls in all.  Then, I simply strung them on a wire hanger I got out of our laundry room…fancy!

ImageFYI…it’s easier to put the balls on the wire if it is pretty straight.  Any twists or curves makes it a little tougher.

ImageOnce you have the balls on the wire, all you have to do is make a couple of loops and close up the ends of the wreath.

ImageThen, I added some ribbon to hang the wreath up on his door.  This is all I had on hand…it might change later on.

ImageTo give it a little different look, I just stuck his baseball hat in the middle…

ImageI think Brayden was pretty excited about it…

ImageNot sure what look this is, but I’m going to go with pretty pleased, but trying to act cool 🙂

I have a few more baseball decor projects to add to his room, but those may be a Christmas present later on.  I was just too excited to wait on this one!!

Since I got the baseballs for free, all this project cost me was a wire hanger ($0), some ribbon I already had ($0) and free baseballs ($0).  Not too bad!!!!  If you don’t have a friend who will give you baseballs, then I would suggest going to a used sporting good store or maybe a batting cage.  You want the baseballs to look old and weathered…plus brand new baseballs are expensive…even at Wal-Mart!!!!

Once I figured out how to drill the balls properly, the whole project only took me about 45 minutes…if that.  This is an easy weekend project that will add charm to your home!  

I hope you enjoy this project!!  Happy Weekend!!


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