You Gotta Check Your Pockets!!!!

I left this post with the question hanging in the air…did it work???? Well, after a few test runs, I put all of the clothes in the washer with two capfuls of laundry detergent, two scoops of Oxi-Clean and hot water. I let them soak about 1 hour (maybe a little longer). That is the hardest part for me…the waiting. I then ran them through the wash cycle. When I opened the washer…drum roll please…I was pleasantly surprised ecstatic to see they were clean!!! Well, most of them. There were about 7-8 pieces of clothes that still had some lingering crayon on them. To my surprise, the yellow crayon has proven to be the more stubborn color to remove…who knew the red would come off easier???

I immediately ran to my hubby to show him how clean the clothes were. Of course, he didn’t see how bad they were in the beginning, so I don’t think he fully appreciated what I was showing him. He responded with “See…I told you it would be ok”. That’s the difference between men and women. We tend to over dramatize things and the men just figure out how to fix it…without the drama.

I sprayed Resolve pre-treatment on the clothes that didn’t get 100% clean & let them sit overnight. Now, I’m soaking those clothes & hopefully, that will do it.

I eagerly woke my son up and gave him the good news. I can now go about my daily duties without worrying about how to get those stains out or that I’m going to have to buy both kids a new wardrobe. I also can rest a little easier knowing that if this happens again, I know how to fix it…however, I am going to check the pockets from now on!!!

This has been one crazy week.  In addition to my hubby taking his hunter safety course (which he passed, by the way), we have been preparing for company.  A good friend from Oklahoma is coming to hold a seminar at our congregation & we’re housing him.  So, I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman.

My life does not lack excitement.  For example, as I was picking my son up from school yesterday, my hubby called to let me know his Jeep had broke down & I needed to pick him up.  We found out it was an easy & relatively cheap (yay!) fix.  However, this morning, we got a call from the mechanic.  The part he had to get (which was indeed cheap…as far as car parts go), was out of stock & he couldn’t get it until Tuesday!!  Luckily, we have wonderful friends, and one of them lent me their car, so I could play taxi :). 

In the midst of all the cleaning, I decided I needed to do laundry.  Both Brayden & Sophie had a substantial pile of clothes to be washed & trying to get everything done, I decided to throw them in together.  I washed & dried them in record time!  When I pulled them out of the dryer…my nightmare started.

Red & yellow melted crayon all over their clothes.  I mean ALL over their clothes.  I don’t think there was one piece of clothing that was untouched.  Among them, Brayden’s baseball uniform…he had only worn the shirt once.


I sat there for a while.  I was really upset.  At first, I was upset with my son, but then I realized it was my own fault.  Over the years, I’ve washed paper, cougar dollars (his school’s reward system), hair bows, cars, Transformers, stickers, etc.  I should have known to check his pockets.  No…not his fault…mine.

So, I frantically called my hubby (who was on his way to the airport to pick up our guest) & he said “Well, have you googled it yet?”  No, of course not.  I had just sat down in the middle of the hallway and wailed.  I never thought to hop online.  So, I did.

The first thing I tried was paper towels & a warm to hot iron.  According to the website, all I had to do was put a paper towel under the clothing and one over the clothing, lightly run the iron over the area & viola…the towel would absorb the crayon and my world would be better.  Yeah…didn’t work.

So, I looked some more.  To my disappointment, I didn’t have too much luck on Pinterest.  I may have been searching under the wrong name, but I was in a hurry & just gave up.  There was, however, a lot of mentions about Borax online.  I had never really heard of it, but hey, it was worth a shot.  So, I packed the kids up and headed to Wal-Mart.

On the way, I called my mom to see if she knew of any remedies.  She didn’t, but as we talked, I mentioned I had also seen someone say something about WD40.  She thought that would be a good idea.  As I fought back tears in the detergent aisle at Wal-Mart, I found Borax and Oxi-Clean and thought, why not?  I also picked up some liquid drain-o, because the tub was clogged up too (of course!).  I then went on a mad hunt for WD40.

Let me just say this…Wal-Mart is great because they have pretty much everything…but do they have to move it every time I go in?  Seriously??  Also, I couldn’t find anyone to ask.  So, I roamed the vast wilderness until I came across automotive.  There, an friendly associate showed me I was standing right next to the WD40 and went on her merry way.

I also added white vinegar to my basket of goodies.  If I didn’t use it for this, I figured I was bound to use it for something else.


I checked out & then made a quick stop at Sonic for a large Diet Coke with Vanilla.  That is my drug of choice.  My husband says I have a problem, but as I’ve pointed out to him many times, I can quit anytime I want 🙂

After I got the kiddos to bed, I started troubleshooting.  First, I tried a sheet with WD40 sprayed on the spots of crayon…so pretty much the whole sheet, a terry cloth diaper changer cover & a blanket.  The cover and blanket had no pre-treatment on it.  I let it soak in hot water, laundry detergent & half a cup of Borax for about 30 minutes, then ran it through the wash cycle.  After it was done, I looked.  I had missed a few spots on the sheet, but where I sprayed, NO CRAYON!!!  The blanket had none on it either, but the cover had a little bit still.  

Unfortunately, everything smelled like a car mechanics garage!  Yuck!!!!  I don’t want my princess sleeping on that.  So, I tried test #2.  No pre-treatment on anything.  I washed the sheet, cover & added my son’s baseball pants which were COVERED with crayon.  To that, I added laundry detergent, hot water and a generous helping of Oxi-Clean.  I let it soak for 30 minutes.

Now, I’ve never used Oxi-Clean before.  Nothing works THAT well…does it?  Before I started the washer up, I pulled the baseball pants out of the water.  I could see where the crayon was already starting to loosen up and go away!  So, I ran the washer and anxiously awaited the outcome.  The diaper changer cover…CLEAN!  The uniform pants…CLEAN (except for a few spot where the red & yellow coloring was still showing very faintly).  The sheet…still had a few places on it.

Two out of three isn’t too bad, so I loaded up the washer with laundry detergent, Oxi-Clean and all of the clothes. I sprayed a little bit of Resolve pre-treaetment on the sheet and baseball pants.  Added hot water and I’m letting it soak as we speak…well, as I type & as you read.

I will keep you posted on the situation.  I have one more concoction up my sleeve, if this doesn’t work, but it involves a lot of ingredients & letting it soak for several hours.

While dealing with all of this, I had to come to terms with a couple of things.  #1, it is just clothing.  My kids are healthy.  We have a home.  We have clothes that we can ruin with crayon…it could be a lot worse.  #2, I’m not in control.  I had big plans tonight.  Get the kids in bed early.  Finish picking up before our guest arrived.  Sit down & relax.  Didn’t happen.  

After thinking for a while, I’m ok with that.  If I was in control, I’d probably manage to mess things up even more!  This time, crayon.  Next time, lipstick.  However, I can rest in knowing that God is in control and even while this little bump in the road made me lose a few hours of my night, I know God is watching over me and taking care of me.  

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Matthew 6:34.


2 thoughts on “You Gotta Check Your Pockets!!!!

  1. Glad that it “all came out in the wash”. Seriously, I know that you worked hard to get the crayon out of their clothes; now you are the go to girl for everyone else. Move over Heloise and Martha, here comes Tiffany!!

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