Southern Supper

I would not characterize myself as a huge fan of BBQ.  If I had to choose a restaurant, it would almost never be a BBQ joint.  My hubby, on the other hand, is a huge fan of BBQ.  His favorite place to eat was the Rib Crib. 

When we moved from Oklahoma to Virginia, we noticed there wasn’t a lot of BBQ places around.  Hmmm…let me check…aren’t we still in the south??  Anyway, someone told my hubby about this great BBQ place & he went to check it out.  He was a bit disappointed.  No one told us there were different types of BBQ…especially the sauces.  He was introduced to the North Carolina BBQ sauce.  Vinegar based & runs right off the food that you pour it on.  It was not for him.  We were used to BBQ sauce that stays where you put it…tomato based sauce.

Every so often though, I do feel like eating a good brisket.  Sometimes, I have a hankerin’ for a pulled pork sandwich.  Today, was that day.

Let me start by saying something…when my in-laws came to visit in June, they brought an Oklahoma survival pack.  There is an amazing BBQ sauce that is made in Oklahoma.  Shortly after moving here, we found that it is not distributed this far east 😦  So, my mom-in-law brought my hubbies favorite sauce…Head Country!!  If you want to check their website out, here it is:

What’s the #1 ingredient??  TOMATOES!  Yep…BBQ the way it’s supposed to be made!  So, I opened jar #3 tonight to make this recipe of BBQ Pulled Pork.  The best part??  You make it in a crock pot!!!  Here’s the link to the recipe:


This pic is from the recipe website.  Looks pretty good, huh??

The recipe is titled “Easy BBQ Pulled Pork” & I couldn’t agree more.  Dump the pork chops into a crock pot with a little bit of BBQ sauce, water and some spices & 7 hours later…tada!!  Now, the one part of the recipe that had me a little bit…um…skeptical was the part where you take the meat out of the crock pot and put it into a stand mixer and use a flat beater to shred the meat.  Um…yeah…couldn’t imagine that working, but WOW!!  That meat shredded very nicely & in less than 1 minute!!!!


This pic is also from the recipe website.  Here it is, all shredded up & ready to go!

The recipe says to serve the meat this way, allowing for people to put whatever kind of BBQ sauce they would like to use.  This way, if someone (for whatever reason) likes the N. Carolina BBQ sauce, they can put it on their pork.  If you like the REAL BBQ sauce, you can use that.  My hubby suggested that next time I make it, once the pork is shredded, just go ahead and mix the BBQ sauce in it before serving.  

I served it up sandwich style with those yummy sandwich thins & some corn on the cob.  An indoor picnic, Oklahoma style 🙂

This is definitely a keeper!  I could see myself making BBQ chicken instead of pork as well.  I will ALWAYS use my trusty stand mixer to shred meat in the future.  Who knew??? 


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